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In tune with the times

Career at Bauer

The Bauer Group is an internationally active company with 890 employees at four production sites in Europe and twelve other locations around the world. Our customers in roughly one hundred different countries all over the planet appreciate our innovative and high-quality products. For our part, we treasure our customers as well as our skilled and dedicated employees.

High quality, reliable durability and always in tune with the times. What is true of our products is also true of the people who develop, produce and sell them. Of course, we are referring to our employees, who give their all to the company on a daily basis, all over the globe.

Service Technician

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For generations

Enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge

We are proud of our long tradition and our deep roots in the Voitsberg region, where our success story began over 90 years ago. Every employee has their own unique history with Bauer. Sometimes this even extends back to their parents or grandparents. Many employees at the main plant in Voitsberg come from the region and practically grew up with Bauer. They have been seeing Bauer products since they were kids.

But that isn't restricted to Voitsberg. Many of our international employees also grew up on farms with Bauer machinery and have been Bauer fans since an early age.

But whether they are born Bauer fans, newcomers, converts or experienced users, all are welcome as long as they bring two things: enthusiasm and a strong desire to learn!

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Unique and indispensable

Become a Bauer expert!

Behind every successful company stand people who contribute to the big picture day in and day out. People whose personality, temperament and values make up the very unique spirit of a company. Not to forget the qualifications that each brings and the knowledge acquired over years of working at Bauer. That makes our people true experts.

That makes them unique. That makes them indispensable.

To us and to our customers.

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The Bauer universe

Where the sun never sets

While one colleague in Melbourne is finishing up his day, another in Voitsberg is just booting up her PC. Just enough time for a quick call to get caught up. We are always at work, all around the world. In close contact and continuous communication, despite the distances that separate us. The international environment creates a very special atmosphere of creativity and solidarity. Thirty nations are represented in our team, all working together to realize the Bauer vision.

Naturally, an internationally active company also offers attractive perspectives and opportunities for professional development. Because success comes when you cross borders and face up to challenges. That is our motto.

No glitter and fanfare

Just grounded and earthy

Don’t expect to find glitz and glamor with us. What you will find at Bauer is something that has grown rare these days: a grounded connection to the earth and a sense of meaning. And the certainty of being part of a secure industry.

Bauer is a rapidly growing company in a crisis-proof sector. Our machines help supply people with food. Whatever the state of the world, one thing is certain: agriculture is indispensable. Especially in consideration of the rapid growth in world population and the ever tighter resource situation, we need smart, innovative technologies that guarantee yields while also reducing environmental impact. This is exactly where we come in. And we can’t do it without you!

If you have caught the spark of enthusiasm and would like to become part of our team, we look forward to receiving your application.

Please send it by email to


Your apprenticeship at BAUER

Completing an apprenticeship at Bauer means learning from the best. It is a foundation on which you can build a career. We help you explore your talent and develop your personality, hopefully over the long term. Even after completing your apprenticeship, you will find many interesting opportunities at our internationally active company.

Become part of the Bauer success story!

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Real opportunities

You’ll find everything you are looking for here!

Completing an apprenticeship at Bauer means:

  • Receiving a first-class technical education
  • Developing your personality
  • Real opportunities even after completing your apprenticeship
  • Being part of an internationally successful team

We are looking for:

  • Mechanical technician – apprenticeship term: 3.5 years
  • Machinist – apprenticeship term: 3.5 years
  • Mechatronic technician – apprenticeship term: 3.5 years
We are looking for you!

Wondering how to apply?

Vocational experience days and written entrance exam

Are you interested in an apprenticeship at our company? Are you curious and driven to become an expert in your field? Then you have found the right place with us!

Our vocational experience days offer you the opportunity to look “behind the scenes” of the Bauer company. You can get to know the team and see what the work is like – you can even create something yourself with a little help from us. It’s a chance to gain some hands-on experience with the tools and machines. The event is concluded with a written aptitude test.

To register for the vocational experience days and the entrance exam, please email or call Thomas Rothbauer.

We look forward to meeting you!

Your Chance

Next dates

You can produce your own workpiece with the help of the appentices durint the practical days in our training center. You lend a hand yourself, work with machines and get to know our team. If you want to belong, we would like to get to know your skills and test your inclination and aptitude.


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