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New production hall in São João da Boa Vista

Austrian Bauer Group on the road to success in Brazil

In 2016, the Austrian Bauer Group opened a modern factory for the production of irrigation systems 200 kilometers north of São Paulo. In the meantime, production has been expanded, the workforce has been increased and a software company specializing in the agricultural sector has been integrated. The international company with its headquarters in Voitsberg, Austria, has been active on the Brazilian market for over 25 years. The site in São João da Boa Vista is the turning point of Bauer's presence throughout South America. Bauer do Brasil is managed by Roque Luiz Alberto and Rodrigo Parada.

The Bauer Group is considered the global market leader in irrigation. In order to meet the increasing demand for irrigation systems in Brazil and South America, a new production facility was built in São João da Boa Vista in 2016. The plant "Bauer do Brasil" is one of a total of 6 production sites of the Bauer Group and covers an area of 37,000m². The main focus lies on manufacturing modern irrigation systems such as the Rainstar hose reel machines and low-pressure pivot systems. Since the inauguration in 2016, production and thus the number of employees has been increasing gradually. 230 employees in the Brazilian plant currently manufacture irrigation systems for a total area of 51,000 ha/year.

Bauer do Brasil São João da Boa Vista

Integration of company Irricontrol specialized in software development

In 2021, the production of the youngest member of the Bauer Group, the Brazilian high-tech start-up Irricontrol, was integrated into the São João da Boa Vista site. Irricontrol's R&D department is still located in Itajuba's Silicon Valley. Irricontrol's focus lies on software development for the agricultural sector. Its 36 employees work in close cooperation with Bauer Voitsberg and concentrate on the development and optimization of future-proof digital solutions, such as soil moisture measurements by satellite or modern controls, with which irrigation systems can be easily monitored and operated from a PC or smartphone.

Increase of production capacity

In the meantime, the go-ahead has also been given for the expansion of production capacity in São João da Boa Vista. The existing factory will be enlarged by another production hall with an area of 6,500 m². This increases the entire hall area to a total of 13,000 m².