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The ideal solution for summer 2022

Bauer Linestar saves time and money

In Austria, too, the temperatures climb to well over 30 degrees this summer. A reliable, automatic irrigation system with a low usage of water and diesel is worth its weight in gold. Markus Quidenus in Untersiebenbrunn, Lower Austria, relies 100% on his BAUER Linestar 168 EL.

Markus Quidenus is the fourth generation to run the family business, which was founded in 1935 by his great-grandfather in the heart of the Marchfeld. Today, the organic farm covers a total area of 190 hectares, on which grain, corn, soybeans, sunflowers and green peas are grown depending on crop rotation.

For a safe harvest

In operation since April this year

Reliable irrigation is essential for modern arable farming. Until two years ago, two Bauer hose reel machines (Rainstar E51 and E55) were responsible for this at the Quidenus family's farm. In 2020, the fleet was expanded by a Bauer Linestar 168 LL. From May to September, the 900 m long low-pressure system irrigates 3 plots of 28 hectares each fully automatically. Due to the severe drought, irrigation had to be started already in April this year.

Buried guidance

Always on track

Precisely guided by cables laid underground, 0.5 KW motors pull the system linearly across the field. If needed, the motors are switched on to drive forward - the optimal distribution of the weight hardly causes any significant ground pressure. Low-pressure nozzles produce a very fine droplet size, which results in even water distribution and gentle irrigation of the plants. In addition, low-pressure systems impress with their energy efficiency: In order to pump the water, a maximum inlet pressure of only 3.5 bar is required.

Significantly less work and diesel

Incredibly economic

Markus Quidenus is enthusiastic about the considerable savings in working hours and diesel - a more than positive aspect in view of the current fuel price developments. “The fact that the Linestar uses almost two thirds less diesel than a hose reel machine really surprised me. In addition, we save around 20 hours of work when irrigating a plot. Calculated over an entire season, this results in a remarkable sum,” explains Quidenus.

In addition, the linear system is equipped with the GPS-supported application "SmartRain". Regular live updates keep you informed about the current status of the Linestar. A huge advantage for Markus Quidenus: "One look at the smartphone is enough to know whether the set speed is being maintained, the precipitation is okay or how long the machine still needs to get to the next parking position.