Efficient and mobile: “Plug & play” separators from Bauer

The new, amazingly compact units have many uses in agriculture, the food industry and biogas plants

The new “plug & play” separator system from the Bauer Group, technology leader in the separation of liquid and solid materials and headquartered in Voitsberg, is a...

Ecostar 6000 guarantees a precise and safe irrigation

Electronic irrigation system offers comfortable and simple operation

The farmers’ workshop is out there in the open, and they depend on what nature has to give them. The supply with essential necessities such as water or nutrients represents a natural limit to their potential yield. Modern methods, however, can be applied to stretch these limits. Therefore, an essential success factor in modern agriculture is the targeted irrigation of crops. The Bauer Group from Voitsberg in Styria offers high-performance irritation technology that is easy to operate. Bauer’s latest innovation in irrigation technology is the Ecostar 6000 electronic irrigation system.

You can only be efficient if you economize on your resources and manage to get the maximum output from these. This principle takes centre stage in the development of irrigation technology at...

Bauer Group ends financial year 2010/11 with best results ever

The Styrian group increased its sales by 9.4% to 160 million Euro compared to 2009/10

The Styrian world market leader in irrigation and slurry technology, the Voitsberg-based Bauer Group, ended the financial year 2010/2011 (balance sheet day on September 30th ) with the...