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Bauer Pumpfass aus verzinktem Stahl der Serie Edelweiss
BAUER Edelweiss edition

A tanker for all slopes

Noble, unique, free from giddiness: these attributes apply not only to the sought-after mountain plant, but also to the tankers of the newly designed Edelweiss series from BAUER. The high-quality pump tankers made of galvanized steel were specially designed for pre-Alpine terrain and are available in sizes 7,000, 8,000 and 9,000 liters. The low profile for a low center of gravity guarantees maximum stability and therefore safety even on more inclined terrain. The large tires of up to 30.5" ensure smooth movement even on wet meadows while minimising impact on the soil. As the window for spreading manure grows ever tighter in some regions, it is often necessary to operate even on damp grassland. The standard equipment already includes the proven SLE system, which guarantees full tongue load even when the tank fill level decreases. Any damage to the field caused by a reduced tongue load can be prevented.

Bauer Edelweiß Pumpfass aus verzinktem Stahl
Prepared for spreading manure close to the ground

Perfect with trailing shoe applicators

Of course, the Edelweiss line is also designed for spreading manure close to the ground. Trailing shoe applicators in working widths of 6-10.5m, which can be retrofitted at any time, are ideal for this tanker series. Only trailing shoe applicators deposit the manure directly at sod level for effective use of the valuable nutrients in the manure. The most optimal method of spreading manure on grassland is to combine a separator with a trailing shoe applicator. This ensures that the manure does not adhere to the grass as it grows, only to eventually be brought into the stall with the feed.