More savings, productivity and speed for your Pivot


IrriFast is a tower activation system that uses inverters,, achieving more precise control of speed and torque, ensuring greater uniformity.

Installed in BAUER pivots, Irrifast works together with our patented alignment system to provide effective irrigation.

Raise the level of your irrigation

  • Faster irrigation cycles
  • Smooth and constant irrigation
  • Uniform and efficient fertigation
  • Reduction of mechanical maintenance
  • High performance on irregular terrain
  • Detection of misaligned towers (coming soon)
  • Allows irrigation of young plants
  • Up to 40% less power consumption thanks to continuous drive

Technical Data

Product DescriptionAlignment Control BoxEnd Control Box
ModelIntermediate TowerLast Tower
Power Supply480 VAC480 VAC
Power Consumption Rangefrom 6 Aup to 16 A
The IrriFast Control Boxes operate with a voltage of 340 VAC to 510 VAC. Its maximum operating frequency represents an increase of 50% compared to conventional models.
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Hammer Patrick

Patrick Hammer

Product Manager - Irrigation Technology

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