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New control box generation for BAUER Pivots

Especially in areas with an insufficient GSM network, remote control of machines is often difficult or not possible at all. The new control box SmartConnect from Bauer now offers a smart solution  to enable monitoring and operation of irrigation systems even in more remote areas.

Developed by the Brazilian BAUER Group subsidiary Irricontrol, the new SmartConnect control unit is already being used successfully on hundreds of Bauer Centerstars in South America. Simple handling, intuitive operation, high reliability and excellent workmanship - with these top features, the SmartConnect fits seamlessly into the uncomparable Bauer quality league.

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The huge advantage of SmartConnect, which distinguishes it from similar products on the market, is its own wireless network, that is created between different irrigation machines thanks to IrriMesh. This means that irrigation systems can also be monitored and controlled in areas that do not have an adequate GSM network.

The SmartConnect is considered the missing link within the current BAUER control unit range and replaces the previous models Universal, Universal Pro and Universal Pro G.