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Boom technology redefined

New boom cart AS 50 NEO

​Premiere at Agritechnica 2023: The new, lightweight AS 50 NEO irrigation boom cart, which can be easily folded to transport width, will be presented to a wider audience for the first time. With the AS 50 NEO Bauer sets new standards in irrigation technology: It is the only boom of this size that can be transported on the road together with the hose reel machine. And it weighs so little that it can be folded in or out very easily.

There is currently a strong trend in the direction of low-pressure systems that conserve energy and resources. Many farmers decide to equip their hose reel irrigator with a boom cart instead of a wide-jet sprinkler to benefit of the advantages of low-pressure irrigation such reduced pressure for lower energy consumption, uniform water distribution, fine droplets that are easy on plants, low sensitivity to wind.

Auslegerstativ AS50 NEO
Easy to fold to 3 metres width

Lightweight and stable

With the new AS 50 NEO, BAUER offers its customers a modern, practical, easy-to-use boom cart solution. The design width of 50 metres enables a strip width of 72 metres. “The absolutely new feature brought to the market by our AS 50 NEO is that it can be folded up to a transport width of three metres, making it suitable for transport on the road,” highlights Product Manager Patrick Dokter-Pucher. In addition, the side sections, which were previously made of steel, are now made of a combination of steel and aluminium, making the equipment even lighter.

Auslegerstativ AS50 NEO
Ready for use in a short time

Greater clearance height

The newly adapted dimensions of the construction elements, the lightweight construction of the side sections and the innovative folding mechanism ensure the ideal width for road transport and even easier handling. Escort vehicles on the road are unnecessary; the boom cart is quickly opened and ready for use. This saves valuable time and money when transporting the boom from one field to another. A big advantage of the new AS 50 NEO is the clearance height of 1 m. This makes it ideal for crops grown by hilling such as potatoes or carrots. Another plus is the hydraulic height adjustment, a standard feature on the AS 50 NEO that is also used to raise it for folding.

Unique on the market

End nozzle distributor possible

The new AS 50 NEO is ahead of all other booms on the market in that the brand-new “end of system” distribution device KPW (Komet Precision Wave) from Komet can be installed on both ends of the boom. The unique design of the KPW features an oscillating deflector to deliver exceptionally uniform droplet distribution. The more evenly the water is distributed, the greater the achievable yield!

Rainstar E + AS 50 NEO eingeklappt
Appropriate for E11-E51 and E100-E600

For all Rainstar E models

The AS 50 NEO can be installed on all BAUER Rainstar models of the series E11 to E51 as well as the new series E100 – E600. Options such as the asymmetric 4-wheel carriage, the 360° swivel mechanism and the levelling function are naturally also available for the AS 50 NEO.

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