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Hidden Heroes

Danish potato starch is made with Bauer pumps

The world’s second largest potato starch man­u­fac­tur­er is located in Jutland. With the popular SX 2600 pumps, pro­duc­tion can be carried out reli­ably and at full speed.

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Strong BAUER pumps

Working in the world’s second largest potato starch factory

In Brande — in the center of the Jutland penin­su­la – there is the Andels-Kartof­felmels­fab­rikken Midtjyl­land Amba, AKM for short. This was founded in 1933 and is one of a total of three pro­duc­tion facil­i­ties of the Kartof­felmel­cen­tralen, KMC a.m.b.a. The indi­vid­ual fac­to­ries are inde­pen­dent coop­er­a­tives owned by 1,300 farmers across Denmark who deliver their potato crops to the factory. An incred­i­ble 1.5 million tons of pota­toes are processed on site in Denmark — making KMC the second largest potato starch man­u­fac­tur­er in the world. At AKM itself, approx. 250,000 tons of pota­toes are processed into approx. 55,000 tons of potato starch from August to Decem­ber. 90 percent of the pro­duc­tion in Brande is export­ed to more than 80 coun­tries around the world.

Three gear- and pedestal pumps SX 2600 are used at AKM: two SX 2600 with 75 kW motor, one SX 2600 with 90 kW motor.

The dealer Agrom­e­ter com­pletes the pumps with fre­quen­cy control, suit­able motors, control cabinet, etc. Two SX 2600 pump the process water that is pro­duced when clean­ing the pota­toes to a lagoon four kilo­me­tres away, where the water is col­lect­ed. The third pump brings the water from the lagoon three kilo­me­tres further to the irri­ga­tion machine, which irri­gates the col­lect­ed water until Decem­ber because it does not freeze in Denmark. The pumps there­fore run at full speed 24/7 from August to December.

Deliv­ery rate: 190–200 m³ / h

Pres­sure at the pump: minimum 6 bar