all Pivots are going SMART

Nexus G2

Installing a Nexus G2 offers opportunities to make the existing pivots smart, with their own radio infrastructure for reliable communication. This simplifies operation and makes it more efficient, with uniform control of all pivots via a single platform. The Nexus G2 control unit can integrate the seamlessly with control units from other pivot brands, without any need to swap out the old unit.

Dry and wet operation mode


Start and stop irrigation dates

7 programs schedules


in case of power outage/ presure fail

Estimated time to finish after pressure fail

Error list

  • Direction option (Forward, Reverse)
  • Two speed/ water blade cale option: percentage and millimeters
  • Dry and Wet operation mode
  • Start and Stop irrigation dates (up to 7 schedules)
  • Segment irrigation programming
  • Stop by angle*
  • Stop by rounds*
  • Automatic restart after a power outage or pressure fail
  • Estimated time to finish the irrigation

*lt needs the GPS kit

  • Endgun activation by angle rage
  • GPS position*
  • Last Irrgation history
  • Error list history
  • Pause time with automatic restart (Energy tariff range)
  • Stop by over and under voltage
  • Operation time
  • Remote* and USB firmware update
  • Voltage meter
  • Automatic direction reversion

*lt needs the GPS kit

Irricontrol -Resources for all needs

Irrigation Plattform

We offer much more than just allowing you to turn your equipment on and off remotely: you will have summary information on energy costs, total water blade applied and much more data on what is actually happening in the field so that you can make the best decisions!

You will be able to control and monitor everything that involves the irrigation of your farm (from water intake to the right time to irrigate) - directly from the Irricontrol platform. Our platform speaks the language of Brazilian farmers ans this provides you with the best way to manage your irrigation.

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