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Olá Irricontrol

Support in the digital transformation

The BAUER Group continues to grow: the youngest member, Irricontrol, is a Brazilian high-tech start-up with a focus on software development for the agricultural sector. This ensures customers the best possible support for digital change, which is also fundamentally transforming agriculture.

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"Irrigation Valley"

From 10m² to giant fields.

The founding story of Irricontrol reminds the humble beginnings of successful Silicon Valley start-ups: A 10m² room in the university dormitory in Itajubá, Brazil, served as a think tank and research laboratory for the two fellow students and passionate software developers Luiz Alberto and Helton Franco. Their enthusiasm for agriculture, especially for irrigation, set the goal: to develop a digital tool that makes irrigation control easy. The vision gradually became reality: In 2017 the company Irricontrol was officially founded, and the first controls were sold in 2018. Meanwhile, Irricontrol is established on the Brazilian market and employs 25 people.

Irricontrol and Bauer are working on the development and optimization of future-proof software solutions for agriculture. The two product lines from Irricontrol - SmartConnect and Nexus - are an ideal addition to the Bauer control unit range.

SmartConnect is perfect for farms that have an inadequate GSM network in their fields, as it is still the case in many agricultural areas around the world. These farms can now also use modern control technology: Thanks to SmartConnect and the Irricontrol platform an own infrastructure for communication is set up, with which irrigation systems can be easily controlled and monitored from a PC or smartphone. The SmartConnect is now available for all new pivot systems from Bauer.