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Sen­si­ble use of slurry and sludge

BAUER offers com­plete range of sep­a­ra­tion solutions 

Wher­ev­er organic waste is pro­duced, sep­a­ra­tion tech­nol­o­gy from BAUER helps users protect the envi­ron­ment while saving money: Sep­a­rat­ing slurry or sludge into its solid and liquid phases reduces the waste volume, sim­pli­fies dis­pos­al and enables recy­cling or uti­liza­tion of the sub­strate. The tech­nol­o­gy leader BAUER offers a wide product range in this area: From the compact sep­a­ra­tor S300 to the classic machines S655/S855 and the S855 GB (“Green Bedding”), espe­cial­ly designed for the pro­duc­tion of bedding for cattle. All sep­a­ra­tors are also avail­able in the mobile “Plug & Play” variant.

The sep­a­ra­tors from BAUER, head­quar­tered in Voits­berg, Austria, enable the fully auto­mat­ic sep­a­ra­tion of waste sub­strate into liquid and solid phases and are used in agri­cul­ture and indus­try. In this way, time and high invest­ment and dis­pos­al costs can be saved in the agri­cul­tur­al, phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal and food indus­tries as well as in slaugh­ter­hous­es, dis­til­leries or biogas plants. This is made pos­si­ble by the sig­nif­i­cant reduc­tion in waste volume (15–30%). In addi­tion, the liquid phase can be more easily dis­trib­uted on the field or further treated in treat­ment plants, for example. Fur­ther­more the solid phase can be used as fer­til­iz­er or as a basis for compost.

Bauer_Separator_S855 15

S300: An eco­nom­i­cal solu­tion for waste­water treat­ment for small businesses

For small com­pa­nies, BAUER offers the small sep­a­ra­tor S300: The latest model in the product family weighs just 220 kg with dimen­sions of just 1.3 x 0.5 m and a height of less than 90 cm (includ­ing over­flow hose and gal­va­nized frame). ), making it more than suited for its role as a compact unit. Despite these small dimen­sions, the S300 can handle a through­put of up to 16 m³ per hour. The low acqui­si­tion costs, the simple setup and the high quality of the com­po­nents make the S300 a sen­si­ble invest­ment for appli­ca­tions at this scale.

S655/S855: Numer­ous poten­tial uses – includ­ing in indus­tri­al applications

For users with mod­er­ate to high waste volumes, BAUER offers the sep­a­ra­tors S655 and S855. These machines sep­a­rate 10 to 25 m³ (S655) or 15 to 35 m³ (S855) of sub­strate per hour and guar­an­tee energy-effi­cient sep­a­ra­tion of the organic fer­til­iz­er. The through­put varies depend­ing on the age, dry matter content and con­sis­ten­cy of the waste. The liquid phase (70–85%) is opti­mal­ly suited for spread­ing with pipe and hose systems. The solid phase (15–30%) – self-com­post­ing, odour­less, stack­able and there­fore easy to store – can be sold as fer­til­iz­er or compost, for example.

S855 GB: “Green Bedding” sep­a­ra­tor for rec­og­nized bedding quality

The use of sep­a­ra­tors for pro­cess­ing slurry into bedding for dairy cattle is becom­ing increas­ing­ly impor­tant. With the help of the “Green Bedding” model, the mois­ture level, volume and con­sis­ten­cy of the start­ing mate­r­i­al are changed to produce high-quality yet inex­pen­sive organic bedding. A high dry matter content in the solid phase is crucial for problem-free use as bedding mate­r­i­al. The BAUER S855 GB ensures a con­stant DM content of up to 36% – a level that has been shown not to increase the risk of mastitis.

In con­trast to pre­vi­ous­ly used bedding mate­ri­als such as straw, sawdust, rubber mats or sand, the “Green Bedding” variant does not gen­er­ate high costs either for pro­cure­ment or dis­pos­al. The result­ing bedding is also opti­mal­ly accept­ed by the animals and offers a high level of comfort. Both cri­te­ria have a sig­nif­i­cant impact on the milk output.

“Plug & Play”: Effi­cient and mobile separators

All Bauer sep­a­ra­tors are also avail­able in mobile designs: The “Plug & Play” sep­a­ra­tor systems from BAUER are compact units in which all com­po­nents are packed into the small­est pos­si­ble space: from the intake pump and the media lines to the elec­tron­ic control. Once con­nect­ed to a power socket, these compact space-savers imme­di­ate­ly and effi­cient­ly sep­a­rate the solid from the liquid phase. The com­plete systems are each driven by BAUER Helix­Drive pumps.

Optimal for use on mul­ti­ple sites 

With their mobil­i­ty and quick readi­ness for oper­a­tion, the “Plug & Play” systems from BAUER are par­tic­u­lar­ly useful invest­ments for machin­ery coop­er­a­tives and rental companies.