Irri­ga­tion man­age­ment from your smartphone

On a course for agri­cul­ture 4.0 with “Smar­tRain”

New service for man­ag­ing, mon­i­tor­ing and opti­miz­ing irri­ga­tion systems: Bauer presents the spe­cial­ly devel­oped, GPS-assist­ed appli­ca­tion “Smar­tRain” for smart­phones and tablets, placing the company firmly on a course for agri­cul­ture 4.0. Whether in the field, at work or at home, the user remains informed of the current status of his systems via live updates and can easily inter­vene in the running process­es at any time or make any nec­es­sary opti­miza­tions. The app is avail­able for free on all typical smart­phones and tablets.

The Bauer Group, a spe­cial­ist in irri­ga­tion and waste water tech­nol­o­gy, is taking the leap onto mobile devices with its new “Smar­tRain” app to offer its cus­tomers a modern solu­tion for mon­i­tor­ing and opti­miz­ing irri­ga­tion systems. With infor­ma­tion about the irri­ga­tion progress, moving times and the current status of the system, the user always main­tains an overview of the sit­u­a­tion. Annoy­ing delays due to prob­lems are now a thing of the past thanks to reli­able and fast noti­fi­ca­tions. The infor­ma­tion is sent from the irri­ga­tion system by SMS or email direct­ly to a stored tele­phone number.

Bauer Beregnung_SmartRain_Pivot_Rainstar

In addi­tion to the machine itself, however, the ground is also mon­i­tored. The user has the ability to enter current data into the system, such as the level of mois­ture in the ground, its com­po­si­tion and type, in order to draw con­clu­sions for irri­ga­tion man­age­ment. This portal, which can be opened in a web browser, offers the user com­pre­hen­sive oper­at­ing records in addi­tion to data about the indi­vid­ual fields and crops. Satel­lite maps dis­play­ing the current status of all irri­ga­tion systems are also among the numer­ous fea­tures of the smart soft­ware solution.

With Pivot systems, it is even pos­si­ble to active­ly access and control the machine: START, STOP, chang­ing the pre­cip­i­ta­tion rates in dif­fer­ent sectors or moving into park posi­tions as well as a number of other set­tings that should be con­fig­ured daily can also take place via a mobile device or web access.

Various machines and autho­riza­tions can be assigned to indi­vid­ual users by means of a team man­age­ment system. Every user there­fore receives only the infor­ma­tion for the machines assigned to him and can also remote­ly control these machines.

In addi­tion to the smart­phone app and web access, irri­gat­ing with “Smar­tRain” also requires a solar-powered GPS unit on the Rain­star cart or in case of a pivot a PRO‑G control box direct­ly on the central tower. The RAINSTAR series, PIVOT systems and pumps are cur­rent­ly supported.

In com­bi­na­tion with the ECOSTAR 6000, active control of Rain­star systems is also pos­si­ble. Spe­cif­ic oper­at­ing states can there­fore be acti­vat­ed via the app as well as start­ing, stop­ping and chang­ing the retrac­tion speed (or pre­cip­i­ta­tion rate). A set­tings menu allows even more func­tions used on a daily basis to be easily mod­i­fied in the app or from a PC with web browser. The app is avail­able as a free down­load for Apple iPhone and iPad as well as all typical Android smart­phones and tablets in the App Store or Google Play Store.