Bauer Group takes over Bavarian OTEMA location

10 jobs secured in Höchstadt

The globally operating Austrian Bauer Group, market leader in irrigation and slurry technology, took over the Bavarian location of Otema GmbH, which recently entered into insolvency, and will operate the location under the name BNH-Landtechnik: This secured 10 jobs in Höchstadt. “After the good experiences with BNH in Westphalia, New Holland asked us whether the Bauer Group might like to take over the distribution rights of the former Otema in northern Bavaria/Franconia,” said Bauer General Manager Otto Roiss at the contract signing. This region stretches from Würzburg south to Nuremberg and north to Bayreuth/Kulmbach. Otto Roiss also feels it is very important to make clear that Bauer has no intention of entering into direct sales and continues to see specialized dealers as the group’s distribution partners.

Like the locations in Westphalia, the Bavarian site will remain a perfectly normal specialized dealer in machines from New Holland as well as Bauer and the subsidiaries Eckart and FAN. One year ago, Bauer took over the locations of the insolvent New Holland dealer Schmücker-Geringhoff in Ahlen, Paderborn, Peckelsheim and Rüthen and renamed them as Bauer New Holland (BNH). The assessment of this decision after one year is positive, according to Roiss. The presence of the products of the Bauer Group was strengthened, and the availability for service and replacement parts supply was improved considerably. A similar goal should now be achieved in the new distribution region in Bavaria/Franconia, and the conditions for this are excellent. The Höchstadt location should be expanded, and plans exist for additional locations in this region, depending on the necessity and market situation.