Efficient and mobile: „Plug & Play“ separators from BAUER

The new amazingly compact units, true spacesaver have many uses in agriculture, food industry and biogas plants.

The new “plug & play” separator system from the Bauer Group, technology leader in the separation of liquid and solid materials and headquartered in Voitsberg, is a compact, mobile unit featuring all components packed tightly together: from the intake pump and the media lines to the electronic control. A true spacesaver with tremendous power that, once plugged in, efficiently separates solid and liquid phases.

The “plug & play” system is – as the name says – a mobile unit that can be easily moved to another location and started up with just a few actions: uncouple, load up and off to the next job. The system supports many uses and is suited, for example, for producing high-quality bedding for cattle, optimal processing of pig slurry, obtaining substrate for biogas systems or recycling wastes in the food-processing industry.

“The individual components are optimally integrated into the design for guaranteed stability and a long lifespan. The compact unit delivers a very high level of dryness with low energy consumption,” notes Hans-Peter Hojas, product manager at the Bauer Group, to highlight the optimal performance for the price.

The features leave no wish unfulfilled: separator, eccentric screw pump, rotary discharge pump, electronic control, piping, cabling, mounting to a stable frame with forklift features.

Three models

The “plug & play” separator system is available in three models: with the separators S655 / 655 HD (throughput 30 m³/h, up to 32% dry matter), S855 / 855 HD (Helix drive pump, throughput 40 m³/h, up to 32% dry matter) and 855 GB (throughput 25 m³/h, up to 36% dry matter).

The throughput depends on the medium, dry matter content, viscosity, screen width, temperature, age of the raw material, counter weights