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Bauer diesel pump units

Low-cost irri­ga­tion starts already with the design of the entire system. An essen­tial part of this is that the pumping unit matches per­fect­ly with the irri­ga­tion machine. Obtain­ing both from one sup­pli­er has a huge advan­tage: the irri­ga­tion system always works in the ideal, eco­nom­i­cal range. BAUER diesel pump units are opti­mized for use in com­bi­na­tion with BAUER irri­ga­tion systems. Thus our cus­tomers can be sure that they obtain maximum output from their irri­ga­tion plant.

Bauer Beregnung Dieselpump-Aggregat
Per­fect­ly matched

Con­vinc­ing benefits

Our pow­er­ful diesel pump units are the first choice when­ev­er a portable solu­tion is required. The pump and motor are per­fect­ly matched to each other, effi­cien­cy is con­sis­tent­ly high over the entire per­for­mance range. Our units are designed in such a way that fuel con­sump­tion is low at all oper­at­ing points. They are made of high-quality com­po­nents and impress with their excel­lent man­u­fac­tur­ing level. They are mounted on a frame tank with a capac­i­ty of 400 litres or more and can be equipped with a range of addi­tion­al acces­sories such as auto­mat­ic switch-off, remote start-stop func­tion or acoustic hood.

Bauer Beregnung Dieselpumpaggregat

Bauer diesel pump units and irri­ga­tion systems: a perfect symbiosis

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Bauer Beregnung Dieselpumpaggregat
The driving force


  • Motor output at 2.300 min‑1: 55kW – 175KW
  • Pres­sure con­nec­tion: DN80 to DN125
  • Suction con­nec­tion: DN100 to DN150
  • Tank capac­i­ty: 400 to 1000 litre





ModelDescrip­tionEngineCylin­derEngine PowerPump typePres­sure connectionSuction portTank
064 4508D‑Aggregat F32 MNSX00+MEC-MG 80 4/3AIveco455 KWMEC-MG 80 4/3ADN 80DN 100400 Liter
064 4509D‑Aggregat N45 MSSX00+MEC-MG 80 4/3AIveco474 kWMEC-MG 80 4/3ADN 80DN 100400 Liter
064 4507D‑Aggregat F32 MNSX00+MEC AG 4/100AIveco455 kWMEC AG 4/100ADN 100DN 125400 Liter
064 4516D‑Aggregat N45 MSTX20+MEC MG 100HT/2DIveco496 kWMEC MG 100HT/2DDN 100DN 125600 Liter
064 4519D‑Aggregat N67 MNTX20+MEC MG 100HT/2AIveco6129 kWMEC MG 100HT/2ADN 100DN 125600 Liter
064 4545D‑Aggregat N67 MNTX20+MEC AG 4/125AIveco6129 kWMEC AG 4/125ADN 125DN 150600 Liter
064 4546D‑Aggregat N67 MNTX20+MEC 125HT/2DIveco6129 kWMEC MG 125HT/2DDN 125DN 150600 Liter
064 4550D‑Aggregat N67 ENTX20+MEC MG 125HT/2AIveco6175 kWMEC MG 125HT/2ADN 125DN 1501000 Liter

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Contact us — in addi­tion to the stan­dard units listed here, other com­bi­na­tions are also available!

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