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Deeply anchored in our DNA

HK pipes & couplings of Bauer

Galvanized steel. More than 70 years of experience. Pure passion. These are Bauer pipes & couplings. The HK-coupling has been the product which connects all others since the beginning of our history. Reliabel & simple.

In 1947 the Bauer lever closure coupling was born. Even then, the system was unique and a sensation. A coupling, which is easy to use and at the same time absolutely leak proof, was an absolute novelty. Back then, nobody could have guessed that the Bauer system would become an original. In the meantime, countless attempts have been made to copy the invention by Bauer. We consider this as a complement. Reproductions are in circulation worldwide. A specialist will immediately recognize the difference. A nonprofessional maybe only after some time. One thing is certain: no one can match the original.


the original by BAUER

unrivaled quality

Bauer Hebelverschlusskupplung
In use worldwide

The original by BAUER

The BAUER HK-quick coupling is available in diameters of 2 to 8 inches, can be bent in all directions, can be coupled extremely quickly and easily and can therefore be found on almost every construction site in the world.

The more sophisticated HKS system meets an extremely high safety standard.

Specially developed thin-walled, but high-strength tubes, together with the BAUER coupling system, guarantee the lowest weight with the highest stability. A complete range of fittings makes the HK system an extremely flexible all-round product.

Bauer Hebelverschlusskupplung
A unique invention

The connecting element

In addition to the hot-dip galvanized steel version, BAUER couplings are also available in aluminium and stainless steel and in pressure ratings of up to 20 bar. The BAUER system is also very popular in the form of hose connections combined with PE pipes or flat hoses.

Our range of pipes and fittings has been convincing for generations - everywhere and at all times.


Original or copy? How to tell the difference:

the name
The strap I
The strap II
the name

The name makes the difference.

Only when the name BAUER is on the lever, is it a genuine, original BAUER clutch!

The strap I
Bauer Hebelverschlusskupplung

Permanently welded

The original BAUER lever is held on the ring by a welded strap. This connection never wears out. It is dimensionally stable and will last a lifetime.

The strap II
Bauer Hebelverschlusskupplung

Permanently welded

On the genuine BAUER coupling, the lug is also permanently welded to the ring at this point. The system is therefore absolutely tight and holds tighter than any other. Copies here are often riveted or need a pin.

Bauer Hebelverschlusskupplung


As ball and socket can be twisted, BAUER couplings can be bent by 30 degrees in any direction. A huge advantage on uneven floors.

HK Kupplung
The BAUER HK system

The advantages at a glance

  • Practical Quick to open, quick to close without special tools, even in the dark – no loose parts.
  • Flexible Can be bent in all directions by up to 30° and is still completely airtight and pressure-tight – ideal for rough terrain.
  • Robust and durable Made from high-strength quality steel, durable thanks to abrasion-resistant hot-dip galvanizing according to DIN EN ISO 1461.
  • Safe Absolutely suction and pressure-tight up to 20 bar operating pressure for all pumped media.
  • Heat-resistant With special seals resistant up to 110 °C.
  • Tensile strength Tightness is also guaranteed under tensile loads.
  • Universal Suitable for all pumping media due to galvanized or rustproof materials.
  • Security With special locking pin – HKS version.

year of birth of the HK Coupling

10 k

KM HK pipes

8 Mio


From Voitsberg into the whole world

Manufactured by Bauer

Bauer pipes and couplings are manufactured exclusively at our main plant in Voitsberg. Made from the best raw material and with the utmost care. The pipe manufacturing machine was developed by BAUER engineers to ensure precise production and to guarantee the high quality standard of our pipes.

For many materials

Conveyed medium

BAUER pipes and couplings are suitable for a wide range of mediums, such as water, waste water, compressed air, gases and exhaust gases, faeces, sludge, mortar, bentonite, petroleum and petroleum products or for the pneumatic conveying of powdery substances.

They are found in a stainless version in the food industry, pharmacy, chemistry, etc.

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HK coupling + BAUER product = inseparable

We match with passion.

The legendary HK coupling is the perfect connection for all Bauer Group products. Long lasting. Inseparable. Absolutely reliable.

Other systems as well can be equipped with the HK quick coupling system.

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