Deeply anchored in our DNA 

HK pipes & cou­plings of Bauer

Gal­va­nized steel. More than 70 years of expe­ri­ence. Pure passion. These are Bauer pipes & cou­plings. The HK-cou­pling has been the product which con­nects all others since the begin­ning of our history. Reli­a­bel & simple.

In 1947 the Bauer lever closure cou­pling was born. Even then, the system was unique and a sen­sa­tion. A cou­pling, which is easy to use and at the same time absolute­ly leak proof, was an absolute novelty. Back then, nobody could have guessed that the Bauer system would become an orig­i­nal. In the mean­time, count­less attempts have been made to copy the inven­tion by Bauer. We con­sid­er this as a com­ple­ment. Repro­duc­tions are in cir­cu­la­tion world­wide. A spe­cial­ist will imme­di­ate­ly rec­og­nize the dif­fer­ence. A non­pro­fes­sion­al maybe only after some time. One thing is certain: no one can match the original.


the orig­i­nal by BAUER

unri­valed quality

Bauer Hebelverschlusskupplung
In use worldwide

The orig­i­nal by BAUER

The BAUER HK-quick cou­pling is avail­able in diam­e­ters of 2 to 8 inches, can be bent in all direc­tions, can be coupled extreme­ly quickly and easily and can there­fore be found on almost every con­struc­tion site in the world.

The more sophis­ti­cat­ed HKS system meets an extreme­ly high safety standard.

Spe­cial­ly devel­oped thin-walled, but high-strength tubes, togeth­er with the BAUER cou­pling system, guar­an­tee the lowest weight with the highest sta­bil­i­ty. A com­plete range of fit­tings makes the HK system an extreme­ly flex­i­ble all-round product.

Bauer Hebelverschlusskupplung
A unique invention

The con­nect­ing element

In addi­tion to the hot-dip gal­va­nized steel version, BAUER cou­plings are also avail­able in alu­mini­um and stain­less steel and in pres­sure ratings of up to 20 bar. The BAUER system is also very popular in the form of hose con­nec­tions com­bined with PE pipes or flat hoses.

Our range of pipes and fit­tings has been con­vinc­ing for gen­er­a­tions — every­where and at all times.


Orig­i­nal or copy? How to tell the difference:

the name
The strap I
The strap II
the name

The name makes the difference.

Only when the name BAUER is on the lever, is it a genuine, orig­i­nal BAUER clutch!

The strap I
Bauer Hebelverschlusskupplung

Per­ma­nent­ly welded

The orig­i­nal BAUER lever is held on the ring by a welded strap. This con­nec­tion never wears out. It is dimen­sion­al­ly stable and will last a lifetime.

The strap II
Bauer Hebelverschlusskupplung

Per­ma­nent­ly welded

On the genuine BAUER cou­pling, the lug is also per­ma­nent­ly welded to the ring at this point. The system is there­fore absolute­ly tight and holds tighter than any other. Copies here are often riveted or need a pin.

Bauer Hebelverschlusskupplung


As ball and socket can be twisted, BAUER cou­plings can be bent by 30 degrees in any direc­tion. A huge advan­tage on uneven floors.

HK Kupplung
The BAUER HK system

The advan­tages at a glance

  • Prac­ti­cal Quick to open, quick to close without special tools, even in the dark – no loose parts.
  • Flex­i­ble Can be bent in all direc­tions by up to 30° and is still com­plete­ly air­tight and pres­sure-tight – ideal for rough terrain.
  • Robust and durable Made from high-strength quality steel, durable thanks to abra­sion-resis­tant hot-dip gal­va­niz­ing accord­ing to DIN EN ISO 1461.
  • Safe Absolute­ly suction and pres­sure-tight up to 20 bar oper­at­ing pres­sure for all pumped media.
  • Heat-resis­tant With special seals resis­tant up to 110 °C.
  • Tensile strength Tight­ness is also guar­an­teed under tensile loads.
  • Uni­ver­sal Suit­able for all pumping media due to gal­va­nized or rust­proof materials.
  • Secu­ri­ty With special locking pin – HKS version.

year of birth of the HK Coupling


KM HK pipes

8 Mio 


From Voits­berg into the whole world 

Man­u­fac­tured by Bauer

Bauer pipes and cou­plings are man­u­fac­tured exclu­sive­ly at our main plant in Voits­berg. Made from the best raw mate­r­i­al and with the utmost care. The pipe man­u­fac­tur­ing machine was devel­oped by BAUER engi­neers to ensure precise pro­duc­tion and to guar­an­tee the high quality stan­dard of our pipes.

For many materials

Con­veyed medium

BAUER pipes and cou­plings are suit­able for a wide range of mediums, such as water, waste water, com­pressed air, gases and exhaust gases, faeces, sludge, mortar, ben­tonite, petro­le­um and petro­le­um prod­ucts or for the pneu­mat­ic con­vey­ing of powdery substances.

They are found in a stain­less version in the food indus­try, phar­ma­cy, chem­istry, etc.

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LT 19000_4
HK cou­pling + BAUER product = inseparable

We match with passion.

The leg­endary HK cou­pling is the perfect con­nec­tion for all Bauer Group prod­ucts. Long lasting. Insep­a­ra­ble. Absolute­ly reliable.

Other systems as well can be equipped with the HK quick cou­pling system.

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