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The multi-talented irrigation system

Centerliner 9000

Each field does have its specific features. If you want to make full use of the potential of your field, you need an individually tailored irrigation system. Determining this is an art that only true irrigation specialists can master. Just like us at BAUER. We have therefore created a special system for large, irregular surfaces: the CENTERLINER 9000. It combines the advantages of a pivot and a linear system in one machine and can even better use the area, especially when it is a spacious, irregularly shaped field. As with the LINESTAR, a central unit drives the CENTERLINER linearly with the trusses over the field. The Centerliner, however can also switch to pivot mode. A special linear control always keeps the machine on the right track. The water is supplied via hydrants and feed hose or ditch feed.

Depending on the field situation and precipitation rates, the CENTERLINER can irrigate the same area as a LINESTAR, but only requires half the number of towers. Which results in lower acquisition costs. In addition, the CENTERLINER can be pulled over to another field.


  • Maximum utilization of area in case of large, irregular surfaces
  • Combines CENTERSTAR and LINESTAR in one (circle and linear irrigation)
  • Irrigates the same area as a LINESTAR under certain circumstances, but with half the number of towers
  • Energy-saving low pressure system
  • High irrigation efficiency due to water application close to the ground
  • Gentle irrigation ensuring maximum protection of crops
  • High level of flexibility thanks to rotating and towing option
  • Stable yield also in dry periods
  • Long product lifespan

Centerliner central units

High degree of flexibility thanks to the easy-to-use tow option.



4‑wheel central unit:

  • Automatic rotation of the drive towers – pivot mode
  • Flexible hose connection for automatic return without de-clutching the pipe
  • Control unit SELECT PRO


4‑wheel central unit:

  • Automatic rotation of the drive towers – pivot mode
  • Flexible hose connection for automatic return without de-clutching the pipe
  • Possible rotation of central unit for L-shaped irrigation areas
  • Control unit SELECT PRO


4‑wheel central unit:

  • Manual rotation of the drive towers – pivot mode
  • Rigid connections
  • Control unit SELECT-PRO

CENTERLINER: A comparison

4 wheel central unit for automatic swiveling oft he drive towers with rigid connections at front and rear
4 wheel central unit for automatic swiveling of the drive towers with flexible suction connections for automatic reverse
possibility of rotation of the central unit for L-shaped areas
double connection – for using 2 drag hoses
central unit towable design
control unit SELECT – Pro
SMS control unit – optional
Span 168LL lengthes: 42,3 m bis 59,8 m
Span 203LL lengthes: 42,3 m bis 54,0 m
Span – in towable design
Span – high design
Max. recomm. system length: 450 m
System capacity up to 200 m³ / h
System capacity up to 400 m³ / h
Drag hose 4″ – max. 200 m (upt to 120 m³/ h)
Drag hose4 1/2″ – max. 160 m (up to 50 m³ / h)
Drag hose 5″ – max. 130 m (up to 200 m³ /h)
Drag hose 6″ – max. 110 m (up to 300 m³ /h)
Furrow guidanance
Cable guidance
Burried guidance
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Main components
Control units
Linear guidance
Main components
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The highest level of security over many years

Span - Trussing

  • Five different pipe diameters provide a wide application range (50-600m³/h)
  • Optimum adjustment guarantees lowest operating costs
  • Only one pipe length (5.85m) for easy assembly and transportation
  • Truss rods, diam. 20mm, with high tensile strength and large safety reserves
  • Even arc shape of the trussing ensures high degree of stability
  • The 90° arrangement of the bracing angle ensures a uniform load distribution in the most difficult terrain
  • Crossed drive tower braces for high stability on uneven terrain
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System 9000 brings more stability

Drive tower

  • Broad based construction
  • Optimal power input
  • Large-dimension drive tower bracing angle 100x75mm
  • The wide wheel base of 4.3m (standard) and 5.2m guarantees a high level of stability, even on rough terrain and in windy areas
  • 2 construction heights of 4.2 m (standard) and 5.0m for optimal adaptation to different crops
  • Towable - high level of flexibility and adaptation to crop rotation
Precise and reliable

Tower coupling

The sturdy drive tower coupling, free from play, with ball and socket perfectly compensates for extreme slopes. Mounted on the outside of the pipe, it does not restrict the cross-section of the mainline pipe, thereby ensuring optimum water flow without pressure loss. The weather, UV and ozone-resistant hose collar facilitates large angles.

Patented by BAUER

Alignment control

BAUER is the only manufacturer to offer a control lever that is mounted directly above the swivel point of the flexible joint. Any torsion in the pipe has no influence on the control; the entire system is kept stress-free. Optimum adjustment of switching brackets with precision bearings of the control cams ensures precise movement transmission. Precise drive tower control system leads to a long product lifespan.

highest prcision for more than 12 towers

Precision control

The precision control for all Linestar and Centerliner systems (regardless of the number of spans) and for Centerstar systems with more than 12 drive towers offers utmost accuracy. The angles between the drive towers are transmitted by means of control cables, counter-balancing any torsion in the steel structure.

Control units
Perfect irrigation management

Control units

Tried and trusted sturdy elements for application under the most extreme conditions. Easy-to-use control surface and robust control elements to ensure smooth operation. All of the basic functions for automatic operation are integrated into all of the control centres. A comprehensive range of accessories is available for retrofitting further elements for additional operating functions.

Innovative irrigation management and accurate control

  • Only standard quality components from well-known manufacturers (Schneider Electric, Schrack, Moeller, etc.) are used in accordance with the strictest VDE standards.
  • The corrosion protection of the switch cabinets has been adapted to tolerate extreme climatic conditions.

Control unit SmartTouch CL

  • Big touchscreen 10.4“ for most comfortable usability and visual display of the pivot’s operational status
  • Automatic monitoring and shut-off in case of error
  • 4 standard operating modes: linear mode, swivel inwards, swivel outwards, pivot mode
  • Automatic continuation possible after 1 cycle
  • Advanced irrigation reports
  • SmartRain-ready

Select Pro

  • Simple operation of the system via the Pro module
  • Automatic monitoring and shut-off in case of error
  • 4 standard operating modes: linear mode, swivel inwards, swivel outwards, pivot mode
  • Automatic continuation possible after 1 cycle

Select Pro G

  • Simple operation of the system via the Pro module
  • Automatic monitoring and shut-off in case of error
  • 4 standard operating modes: linear mode, swivel inwards, swivel outwards, pivot mode
  • Automatic continuation possible after 1 cycle
  • GPS module for position detection on SmartRain
Motor-PS3BSP Cutaway1-CMYK

Gear motor

  • High-torque motor with thermal overload protection
  • Enclosed moisture-proof motor
  • High efficiency spur gear
  • Shaft seal with specific dirt-repellent profile

Gear boxes

Gear boxes for standard systems

  • Worm gear for high torques, 50:1 gear ratio
  • Large-sized tapered roller bearings
  • Integrated expansion chamber
  • Shaft seal with specific dirt-repellent profile

Gear boxes for mobile systems

  • Decoupling of worm for free-travel (towing)
  • Simple to change from pivot mode to towing mode
Comfort tires for highest demands


  • Wide variety of tires/tire dimensions for fine tuning for different soils and crops.
  • NEW-tires with traction profile (same as tractor)
  • Retracted hose for maximum operating safety
  • Galvanized rims for optimal corrosion protection
Bauer Beregnung SmartRain Pivot

Irrigation 4.0

The GPS-supported application SmartRain offers new possibilities in irrigation management. No matter where the user is, he is always informed about the current status of his irrigation system and can also remotely control the machine at any time.

More about SMARTRAIN

Linear guidance

GPS Control

Using GPS modules and an RTK base station, the ACTUAL position is constantly compared with the TARGET position of the machine and corrected immediately if necessary. GPS control is available as an option for Linestars and Centerliners with a 4-wheel central unit and SmartTouch control box.

Advantages of the GPS control:

  • No obstacle in irrigation area
  • No digging and field maintenance required
  • No maintenance work

Buried guidance wire

Sensors track the induction field of a buried cable and thus indicate the moving direction (available for Centerliner and Linestar).

Advantages of the buried guidance wire:

  • No obstacle in irrigation area
  • Permanent indication of deviations from the ideal line
  • Simple programming and implementation
  • Assembly height of up to 3m above buried cable
  • No maintenance work



Cable guidance

The steering arm with its pulleys moves along a stretched cable, thereby determining the moving direction of the machine.


Furrow guidance

In order to control a Linestar or Centerliner, a furrow is created along the route in order to determine the moving direction of the system

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