The optimal solu­tion for rec­tan­gu­lar areas

The BAUER Linestar

The LINESTAR system 9000 from BAUER is the best irri­ga­tion solu­tion for large rec­tan­gu­lar fields. In con­trast to the pivot, which moves in a circle, linear systems have a central unit that moves lin­ear­ly across the field togeth­er with the tower units. Across the field and back again. A special linear control always keeps the machine on the right track. Perfect align­ment and auto­mat­ic cor­rec­tion of devi­a­tions between the towers are pos­si­ble even on chal­leng­ing terrain. The water is sup­plied via hydrants and a supply hose or from a ditch feed. A gen­er­a­tor system in the central unit ensures a mobile supply of power. The LINESTAR per­forms best in long rec­tan­gu­lar fields, where it can achieve almost 100% space uti­liza­tion. It stands out with lower oper­at­ing costs per hectare com­pared with other forms of irrigation.


  • Optimal area util­i­sa­tion in rec­tan­gu­lar fields (up to 100%)
  • Lower oper­at­ing costs per hectare with oblong, square fields com­pared to the classic Pivot
  • Irri­ga­tion which is gentle to soil and crops
  • Low pres­sure system with low energy consumption
  • High level of irri­ga­tion effi­cien­cy thanks to the ground-level water distribution
  • High level of flex­i­bil­i­ty due to the towing and rota­tion options
  • Stable yield also in dry periods
  • Long product lifespan
Hose feed
Ditch feed
Hose feed
uni­lat­er­al or bilateral

Hose feed

2 wheel central unit for one sided feed

2‑wheel central unit

For double sided feed

  • For system lengths of up to 440m — max. 7 spans
  • System capac­i­ty of up to 200m³/h
  • Irri­gat­ed area of up to 80ha
  • Exten­sive area cov­er­age thanks to rota­tion option
  • Accu­rate control using pro­gram­ma­ble control units

For double sided feed

  • High level of flex­i­bil­i­ty thanks to towing options
  • device con­nec­tion at end of system:
    no time loss due to running dry or rota­tion process

Bauer Linestar_4Rad_Schlauchanspeisung
One or double sided feed

Hose feed

4 wheel central unit

4‑wheel central unit for central feed

  • For system lengths of up to 760m
  • System capac­i­ty of up to 300m³/h
  • Irri­gat­ed area of up to 120ha
  • Exten­sive area cov­er­age through-wheel drive operation
  • Accu­rate control using pro­gram­ma­ble control units

one sided feed

  • Low oper­a­tional input
  • System capac­i­ty of up to 300m³/h

2‑wheel 4‑wheel Lines­tar Basic data
rigid con­nec­tions (4 — couplings)
rotary con­nec­tion
central supply
Double con­nec­tion — for the use of 2 drag hoses
towable design
Span 168LL lengths: 42.3 m to 59.8 m
Span 168LL lengths: 42.3 m to 59.8 m
Span — High design
Max. rec­om­mend­ed system length : 450 m
Max. rec­om­mend­ed system length: 760 m With central supply
Overhang,Ø133 length: 5,9 to 23,4m
end gun
Booster pump
Pulling device from the overhang
Drag hose 4″ (200m 4‑wheel, 160m 2‑wheel)
Drag hose 5″ (150m 4‑wheel, 110m 2‑wheel)
Drag hose 6″ (110m 4‑wheel)
Furrow guid­ance
Cable guid­ance
Burried guid­ance
SMS control unit — option
Ditch feed
Bauer 2013 Ungarn Luftaufnahmen.001
The irri­ga­tion system for large areas

Ditch feed

  • System length of up to max. 1200m
  • System capac­i­ty to up to 1.000 m³/h
  • Pos­si­ble area size of 400ha
  • High level of oper­at­ing effi­cien­cy thanks to low energy consumption
  • Low invest­ment cost per hectare
  • Self-sus­tain­ing irri­ga­tion system
Main com­po­nents
Control units
Main com­po­nents
Australien März 2012 076
the highest level of secu­ri­ty over many years

Span – trussing

  • Five dif­fer­ent tube diam­e­ters provide a wide appli­ca­tion range (50–600m³/h)
  • Optimum adjust­ment guar­an­tees lowest oper­at­ing costs
  • Only one pipe length (5.85m) for easy assem­bly and transportation
  • Truss rods, diam. 20mm, with high tensile strength and large safety reserves
  • Even arc shape of the truss­ing ensures high degree of stability
  • The 90° arrange­ment of the bracing angle ensures a uniform load dis­tri­b­u­tion in the most dif­fi­cult terrain
  • Crossed drive tower braces for high sta­bil­i­ty on uneven terrain
System 9000 brings more stability

Drive tower

  • Broad based construction
  • Optimal power input
  • Large-dimen­sion drive tower bracing angle 100x75mm
  • The wide wheel base of 4.3m (stan­dard) and 5.2m guar­an­tees a high level of sta­bil­i­ty, even on rough terrain and in strong winds
  • 2 con­struc­tion heights of 4.2 m (stan­dard) and 5.0m for optimal adap­ta­tion to dif­fer­ent crops
  • Towable — high level of flex­i­bil­i­ty and adap­ta­tion to crop rotation
Precise and reliable

Tower cou­pling

The sturdy drive tower cou­pling, free from play, with ball and socket per­fect­ly com­pen­sates for extreme slopes. Mounted on the outside of the pipe, it does not restrict the cross-section of the main­line pipe, thereby ensur­ing optimum water flow without pres­sure loss. The weather, UV and ozone-resis­tant hose collar facil­i­tates large angles.

Patent­ed by BAUER

Align­ment control

BAUER is the only man­u­fac­tur­er to offer a control lever that is mounted direct­ly above the swivel point of the flex­i­ble joint. Any torsion in the pipe has no influ­ence on the control; the entire system is kept stress-free. Optimum adjust­ment of switch­ing brack­ets with pre­ci­sion bear­ings of the control cams ensures precise move­ment trans­mis­sion. Precise drive tower control system leads to a long product lifespan.

Highest pre­ci­sion for more than 12 towers

Pre­ci­sion control

The pre­ci­sion control for all Lines­tar and Cen­ter­lin­er systems (regard­less of the number of spans) and for Cen­ter­star systems with more than 12 drive towers offers utmost accu­ra­cy. The angles between the drive towers are trans­mit­ted by means of control cables, counter-bal­anc­ing any torsion in the steel structure.

Control units
Perfect irri­ga­tion management

Control units

Tried and trusted sturdy ele­ments for appli­ca­tion under the most extreme con­di­tions. Easy-to-use control surface and robust control ele­ments to ensure smooth oper­a­tion. All of the basic func­tions for auto­mat­ic oper­a­tion are inte­grat­ed into all of the control centres. A com­pre­hen­sive range of acces­sories is avail­able for retro­fitting further ele­ments for addi­tion­al oper­at­ing functions.

Ino­v­a­tive irri­ga­tion man­age­ment and accu­rate control

 Only stan­dard quality com­po­nents from well-known man­u­fac­tur­ers (Schnei­der Elec­tric, Schrack, Moeller, etc.) are used in accor­dance with the strictest VDE stan­dards. The cor­ro­sion pro­tec­tion of the switch cab­i­nets has been adapted to tol­er­ate extreme cli­mat­ic conditions.



Control unit Smart­Touch CL

  • Big touch­screen 10.4“ for most com­fort­able usabil­i­ty and visual display of the oper­a­tional status
  • Auto­mat­ic mon­i­tor­ing and shut-off in case of error
  • Auto­mat­ic con­tin­u­a­tion pos­si­ble after 1 cycle
  • Advanced irri­ga­tion reports
  • Smar­tRain-ready
Frontansicht bearb

Lines­tar Pro

  • Simple oper­a­tion of the system via the Pro module
  • Up to 6 dif­fer­ent seg­ments with dif­fer­ent amounts of precipitation
  • Auto­mat­ic mon­i­tor­ing and shut-off in case of error

Gear motor

  • High-torque motor with thermal over­load protection
  • Enclosed mois­ture-proof motor
  • High effi­cien­cy spur gear
  • Shaft seal with spe­cif­ic dirt-repel­lent profile
Motor-PS3BSP Cutaway1-CMYK

Gear boxes

Gear boxes for stan­dard systems

  • Worm gear for high torques, 50:1 gear ratio
  • Large-sized tapered roller bearings
  • Inte­grat­ed expan­sion chamber
  • Shaft seal with spe­cif­ic dirt-repel­lent profile

Gear boxes for mobile systems

  • Decou­pling of worm for free-travel (towing)
  • Simple to change from pivot mode to towing mode
Comfort tires for highest demands


  • Wide variety of tires/tire dimen­sions for fine tuning for dif­fer­ent soils and crops.
  • Stan­dard dimen­sions avail­able 14.9 –24; 16.9 –24
  • New tires with trac­tion profile (as tractor)
  • Retract­ed hose for maximum oper­at­ing safety
  • Gal­va­nized rims for optimal cor­ro­sion protection
Bauer Beregnung SmartRain Pivot

Irri­ga­tion 4.0

The GPS-sup­port­ed appli­ca­tion Smar­tRain offers new pos­si­bil­i­ties in irri­ga­tion man­age­ment. No matter where the user is, he is always informed about the current status of his irri­ga­tion system and can also remote­ly control the machine at any time.

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