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Optimal and fully auto­mat­ic use of every field

Pre­ci­sion Corner System

BAUER corner systems stand for maximum pre­ci­sion and optimal use of space. They are used on irreg­u­lar­ly shaped fields, where space for cul­ti­vat­ing crops is scarce and expen­sive. It is all about opti­mal­ly using every corner of the field. With corner systems, a round irri­ga­tion foot­print can be made nearly square, and it is pos­si­ble to irri­gate zones at the ends of fields that cannot be reached with a pivot. If nec­es­sary, it is pos­si­ble to work around build­ings or other obsta­cles. In such complex con­di­tions, the corner truly shows its strengths and offers a maximum return on invest­ment. This fully auto­mat­ic systems is con­trolled by GPS through Bauer’s Pre­ci­sion Corner soft­ware. Users benefit from max­i­mized irri­ga­tion area and optimal yields.

Another advan­tage: Corner systems can also be retro­fit­ted to exist­ing BAUER pivot systems.

Why Corner-System?

  • Max­i­miza­tion of the irri­gat­ed area, espe­cial­ly with irreg­u­lar field shapes
  • Obsta­cles can be left out
  • The scarcer the area, the more complex the field sit­u­a­tion (obsta­cles), the higher the cost-efficiency
  • Up to 97% of the exist­ing area can be irrigated
  • Fully auto­mat­ic oper­a­tion reduces labour costs to a minimum
  • Pre­ci­sion Farming: GPS control and VRI ensure maximum precision
  • Can be added to exist­ing pivot systems
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Uti­liza­tion of area

  • Optimal uti­liza­tion of area thanks to the large offset of the corner span
  • Angle-depen­dent control of the nozzles and end guns.
  • CAN-Bus com­mu­ni­ca­tion between the end tower, corner span and pivot tower.
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Corner drive tower

  • Speed-con­trolled drive for con­tin­u­ous propul­sion and precise water distribution
  • Robust con­struc­tion with exact steer­ing — does not damage the ground or structure
  • Precise control via guide­line as part of under­ground control system or via GPS control system
  • Self steer­ing drive wheels
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Nozzle control via elec­tron­i­cal­ly con­trolled valves and intel­li­gent software

The nozzle control ensures that irri­ga­tion only covers areas where it is really needed. Thanks to our intel­li­gent nozzle control, zones can be irri­gat­ed with reduced pre­cip­i­ta­tion or even be left out com­plete­ly if this is necessary.

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