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The trend towards sim­plic­i­ty covers many areas of life, includ­ing irri­ga­tion tech­nol­o­gy. Bauer’s answer is called ProRain. Man­u­fac­tured in proven, solid Bauer quality and with high-quality finish, the ProRain is limited to the basic fea­tures required for simple irri­ga­tion. It irri­gates reli­ably and eco­nom­i­cal­ly. The retrac­tion speed is pre­cise­ly con­trolled by the irri­ga­tion com­put­er. The ProRain does without luxury out of con­vic­tion, which is also reflect­ed in the price in a pleas­ing way.


BAUER Quality


Machine sup­ports
Chain drive
Reel core
Stable in value

Hot dip galvanisation

All steel parts of the BAUER ProRain are gal­va­nized. This means optimal cor­ro­sion pro­tec­tion for our machine, which is reflect­ed in the stable value and long lifes­pan of our products.


Machine sup­ports
Firmly anchored to the ground

Machine sup­ports

An impor­tant factor for suc­cess­ful irri­ga­tion is that the hose-reel irri­ga­tor is anchored firmly to the ground. Thanks to an extreme­ly flat angle for the machine sup­ports, the power is direct­ly passed into the centre of the machine and is there­fore opti­mal­ly distributed.

Chain drive
Main­te­nance-free oper­a­tion and long lifespan 

Chain drive

The power trans­mis­sion for the PE pipe retrac­tion over a large dimen­sioned pipe reel is achieved with high quality chain and precise, laser-cut chain ele­ments. Due to the large diam­e­ter of the sprock­et and many sin­gu­lar chain links, the retrac­tion power is spread opti­mal­ly over a large area. By using coated, high-per­for­mance chains, a main­te­nance-free oper­a­tion and a long lifes­pan are guar­an­teed even with high retrac­tion power.

Reel core
Closed reel core

Reel core

The first layer of the PE pipe is the layer exposed to the highest retrac­tion forces and there­fore it is impor­tant that no edges or small sup­port­ing points damage the PE pipe and even­tu­al­ly reduce its lifes­pan. To prevent such wear, each reel core of the ProRain drum is com­plete­ly closed and equipped with a special pipe guard. The first layer of the PE pipe sits on the drum evenly and without dis­tor­tion. The pipe is gently guided into the right posi­tion for each layer.



A precise level-wind system is essen­tial for a trouble-free oper­a­tion. The BAUER level-wind works gently and nearly main­te­nance-free through a double guided winding mech­a­nism and a pre­cise­ly driven heli­cal­ly grooved spindle. Espe­cial­ly at high retrac­tion forces and angular PE-pipe retrac­tion, it is impor­tant that the guide rails are sup­port­ed twice in order to absorb the forces and guide the PE-pipe pre­cise­ly in the right direc­tion. This results in a longer lifes­pan of the PE-pipe and trouble free operation



The 4‑speed turbine-gear com­bi­na­tion com­bines excel­lent drive per­for­mance with simple oper­a­tion. The 4 gears guar­an­tee an opti­mal­ly adjust­ed trans­mis­sion and offer smooth gear changes. With the elec­tron­ic control, pre­cip­i­ta­tion rates can accu­rate­ly be set.

BAUER combi wheel cart: the mul­ti­tal­ent­ed cart


The BAUER combi wheel cart is a true all-rounder among carts and adapts flex­i­bly to any culture:

Track width is infi­nite­ly adjustable. Whether sym­met­ric or asym­met­ric PE pipe retrac­tion: the Bauer cart can do both and it’s very easy to change from one to the other. High over­head clear­ance pre­vents damages even with high crops. Large dimen­sioned tires guar­an­tee a safe oper­a­tion, even in rough terrain or with dif­fi­cult crops


Espe­cial­ly in the final phase of the irri­ga­tion or on uneven terrain, the auto­mat­ic tilt com­pen­sa­tion cares for a con­sis­tent posi­tion of the sprin­kler.  The angle of the water jet of the sprin­kler remains unchanged and pro­tects the crops from damages by water.

Auto­mat­ic cart loading 

 Am Bereg­nungsende wird das Kombi-Rad­sta­tiv automa­tisch – über den PE-Roheinzug und eine spezielle Kine­matik –  in die Trans­port­po­si­tion gehoben und ver­riegelt. Ohne weitere Vorkehrmaß­nah­men kann der ProRain sofort zum näch­sten Stan­dort trans­portiert werden: Die Band­bremse am Getriebe fixiert die Rohrhaspel und damit das Rad­sta­tiv automa­tisch und absolut sicher.

The combi-cart wheel is being lifted and locked auto­mat­i­cal­ly via the PE pie retrac­tion and the special kine­mat­ics at the end of the irri­ga­tion process. Due to the special con­struc­tion of the PRORAIN it is not nec­es­sary to take any pre­cau­tions for the trans­port — the band brake on the gear fixes the pipe reel and the wheel cart, auto­mat­ic and absolute­ly safe.

A fine rain

BAUER boom cart AS 32

As an alter­na­tive to the wheel cart, the ProRain can be equipped with a boom cart. We rec­om­mend the Bauer boom cart AS 32, espe­cial­ly for sen­si­tive crops. The fine and even drops protect plants and soil. In addi­tion, a low con­nec­tion pres­sure is suf­fi­cient for oper­a­tion. This saves water and energy.

For detailed infor­ma­tion see chapter booms


Bauer ECOSTAR 4300

Irri­ga­tion control on a high-tech level

  • Easy oper­a­tion at the click of one button
  • 4‑line display shows the oper­a­tional status of the irri­ga­tion system
  • Through full-time mon­i­tor­ing of chose set-point and actual value of the retrac­tion speed, the crops are pre­cise­ly irrigated
  • Pro­gram­ming of pre- and post irri­ga­tion, easy touch button operation
  • Built-in pre­ci­sion clock — setting of start time with time of day
  • A solar panel and a 12 volt battery care for suf­fi­cient power supply
  • Pro­gram­ming of 4 dif­fer­ent speeds within one irri­ga­tion strip
  • View of the pre­cip­i­ta­tion amount and record­ing and sum­ma­tion of the total irri­ga­tion time
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