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BAUER Smar­tRain

The longer the dis­tance between the oper­at­ing irri­ga­tion machines and the head­quar­ter of the farm, the more dif­fi­cult it is to monitor the machines. Espe­cial­ly if you use a large number of irri­ga­tion machines. This means empty kilo­me­tres and wasted time that could be used much more effi­cient­ly. This is exactly why the Bauer experts thought inten­sive­ly about a digital solu­tion. Intel­li­gent work orga­ni­za­tion saves time, money and nerves. The result of years of devel­op­ment work is called “Smar­tRain”. With the GPS-sup­port­ed appli­ca­tion for smart­phones and tablets, Rain­star, Pivot and pumps can be easily con­trolled. No matter where the user is cur­rent­ly located. Regular live updates keep the user informed of the current status of his systems and he can easily inter­vene in the running process­es at any time or make any nec­es­sary opti­miza­tions. In this way the life of our cus­tomers is already getting a little easier.




Bauer Beregnung SmartRain Pivot

With Smar­tRain…

  • you can keep an eye on your irri­ga­tion machines at any time
  • you see where they are cur­rent­ly operating
  • you receive an error message in case of unplanned interruptions
  • you will be informed about the end of irrigation
  • you can use your irri­ga­tion equip­ment as effi­cient­ly as possible
  • you don’t have to be on site at your machine all the time
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New pos­si­bil­i­ties thanks to SmartRain

Smar­tRain offers new pos­si­bil­i­ties in irri­ga­tion man­age­ment. Whether in the field, at work or at home, the user remains informed of the current status of his systems via live updates. In addi­tion to the machine itself, however, also the ground can be mon­i­tored. With Smar­tRain the user has the ability to enter current data into the system, such as the level of mois­ture in the ground, its com­po­si­tion and type, in order to draw con­clu­sions for irri­ga­tion management.

The app is avail­able for free on all typical smart­phones and tablets.

In addi­tion to the smart­phone app and web access, irri­gat­ing with “Smar­tRain” also requires a solar-powered GPS unit on the irri­ga­tion cart in the case of Rain­star or a PRO‑G control system direct­ly on the Pivot central tower.


Smart opti­mized

Perfect irri­ga­tion management

Thanks to Smar­tRain, you can opti­mal­ly plan the use of your irri­ga­tion machines based on actual status infor­ma­tion and cal­cu­la­tions. Down­times are reduced.

  1. The irri­ga­tion machine has fin­ished its oper­a­tion. Has changeover been orga­nized already?
  2. The machine has stopped its oper­a­tion 5 hours ago.
  3. The irri­ga­tion machine will finish in 35 minutes. Time to orga­nize changeover.

Always up to date

The Smar­tRain App gives you the pos­si­bil­i­ty to control your machines from any loca­tion. You get an overview with actual status infor­ma­tion of your irri­ga­tion machines on the smart­phone, tablet or PC.

With Smar­tRain you know where your Rain­stars are cur­rent­ly irri­gat­ing, when the next Rain­star has fin­ished and the changeover of the machine needs to be organised.

You can see the oper­at­ing status of your pivot at any time, can check the current posi­tion of the system and, if nec­es­sary, guide it to the required parking posi­tion for planned field work.


Effi­cient­ly organized

Which area needs to be irri­gat­ed next? Which Rain­star will be fin­ished next? What is the optimal pre­cip­i­ta­tion rate based on the mea­sured soil mois­ture and the exist­ing soil types? Smar­tRain guides our cus­tomers through an effi­cient irri­ga­tion organization.

Growing crops with modern technologies.

Alerted in time

If the Rain­star does not work as usual, the user imme­di­ate­ly receives an SMS with an error message. This can be the case, for example, in the event of an unfore­seen stop or when your machine enters a danger zone such as rails, streets or similar. This means that any waiting times caused by prob­lems with the irri­ga­tion machine are a thing of the past.


Absolute team player

By means of a team man­age­ment system you can create teams with just a few clicks.

Various machines and autho­riza­tions can be assigned to indi­vid­ual users. Also other com­pa­nies with which you share machines, pumps or fields can be includ­ed. Every user then only receives the infor­ma­tion for the machines assigned to him and can also remote­ly control these machines.

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Auto­mat­ic reports

Reports on water con­sump­tion or soil con­di­tions, busi­ness data and other eval­u­a­tions can be created at any time. For inter­nal pur­pos­es or for for­ward­ing to authorities.

Bauer Beregnung SmartRain Pivot

Irri­ga­tion control via mobile devices 

You can control pivot, Rain­star and suit­able pumps direct­ly from your smart­phone or tablet.

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