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Stirred, not shaken.

Slurry Mixer MEX, MTX & MTXH

Well-agitated slurry guarantees even nutrient distribution - which means optimal growth and increased yield. Our slurry mixers of the MTX / MEX series are perfectly suited for homogenisation in agriculture, biogas plants, sewage treatment plants & industry.

Elektromixer in Grube
Mixer trolley


Mixer trolley with solid rubber tyres and lifting device. Telescopic support legs and two support spindles provide stability to the mixer during operation. With retracted support legs and wheel axles, the mixer can also pass through narrow doors and openings (860 mm). By means of the safety rope winch, the adjusting spindle and a guide console with 2 pairs of rollers, easy positioning of the mixer shaft is ensured for all mixing applications.

Technical specifications electric mixer MEX

ModelMixer shaft length in mPit volume m3Mixer blade Ø mmNo. of mixer bladesDrive power kW/PS
MEX 3053,5 / 4,517030514507,5 / 10
MEX 450 G3,5 / 4,52304506107,5 / 10
MEX 450 G3,5 / 4,52804506109,2 / 12,5


Tractor Mixer MTX
Tractor Mixer MTXH
Tractor Mixer MTXH-L
Tractor Mixer MTX

Mixer MTX

Mixer shaft with sturdy shaft, multiple bearings and running in an oil bath, stirring blade with guard, 13⁄8" PTO shaft connection with protection pot, universal lifting frame for attachment to the tractor hydraulics, with swivel device for insertion into small pit openings, rope winch as an option. Mixer shaft, stirring blade and lifting frame hot-dip galvanised. Minimum pit opening 80 x 80 cm.

Technical specifications tractor mixer MTX

ModelMixer shaft length in mPit volume m³Mixer blade Ø mmNo. of mixer bladesType of bladeDrive power kw/PS
MTX 6004 / 51.000 n/ 1.2006003saugend / drückend
Tractor Mixer MTXH
Turbomix MTXH


  • Hydraulically swivelling mixer shaft
  • Additional swivelling aid for closed pits (option)
  • High load capacity despite of low dead weight
  • Sturdy, extremely strong lifting frame
  • Convenient mixer shaft locking device
Turbomix MTXH

Mixer blade

  • 3 blade mixer with cutting edges for excellent mixing performance
  • Efficient cutting of long-fibre ingredients
  • Special guard ring design for optimal flow
Turbomix MTXH

Mixer shaft & Lifting frame

  • Generously dimensioned mixer shaft for extreme conditions
  • Mixer shaft with multiple bearing
  • Smooth running at full load
  • Robust agitator for the toughest applications
  • Strong hydraulic cylinders for lifting and lowering the lifting frame
  • Compact design of three-point hitch
  • Mounting category II and III
  • High stability due to reinforced profiles
  • Low dead weight
  • Optimised kinematic swivel range

Technical specifications tractor mixer MTXH

ModelMixer shaft length in mPit volume m³Mixer blade Ø mmNo. of mixer bladesNo. of mixer bladesDrive power with 540 min‑1Drive power with 50 min‑1Drive power with 1.000 min‑1
MTXH3 6004 / 5 / 61.300-1.7006003saugend / drückend
Tractor Mixer MTXH-L
Low power requirement

Lengths of up to 10 metres

With its powerful stirring blades, the MTXH L sets the contents of slurry lagoons of up to 6,000 m³ in motion and homogenises them in no time - without requiring much power.

No matter whether it is thin liquid slurry with solids, lumps, sinking layers or thick floating layers: cutting edges on the stirring blades ensure effective cutting of even long-fibre components without requiring much power. Maximum mixing and thrust power is achieved with a relatively low power requirement.


Mixer blade

  • 3 blade mixer with cutting edges for maximum performance
  • Efficient cutting of long-fibre ingredients
  • Optimised hydraulic design for high efficiency
  • Long service life due to wear-optimised cutting edges
Mixer Titel_IMG 2503
Turbomix MTHX-L


  • Low power requirement with high stirring effect and thrust force
  • User-friendly, even in one-man operation
  • Sturdy, extremely strong lifting frame
  • High load capacity despite of low dead weight
  • Optimal for applications with solids content
  • Available in lengths from 7 to 10 metres
  • Special hydraulic design for optimal flow
  • Stable framework

Technical specifications tractor mixer MTXH-L

ModelMixer shaft length mPit volume m3Mixer blade Ø mmNo. of mixer bladesType of bladeDrive power with 540 min-1Drive power with 750 min-1Drive power with 1.000 min-1
MTXH-L7 / 8 / 9 / 10bis zu 6.0006203drückend
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