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BAUER Agi­ta­tion Technology

Since the appear­ance of agri­cul­tur­al struc­tures, people have known about the impor­tance of organic sources of fer­til­iz­er. Liquid manure has always been one of the most valu­able natural fer­til­iz­ers. Well-agi­tat­ed slurry guar­an­tees even nutri­ent dis­tri­b­u­tion — which means optimal growth and increased yield. Optimum homogeni­sa­tion of fluid media in agri­cul­ture, biogas- and sewage plants but also in the indus­tri­al sector.

high effi­cien­cy

enor­mous stir­ring power

easy instal­la­tion

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BAUER Sub­mersible Motor Mixer

Optimal design & high-quality materials

A special concept with the motor and pro­peller shafts lying on the same axis pro­vides high effi­cien­cy. The slim, flow-opti­mised design result­ing thereof further increas­es effi­cien­cy. The pro­peller shaft is strong­ly dimen­sioned and equipped with angular contact roller bear­ings. The inge­nious oil dis­tri­b­u­tion system ensures perfect lubri­ca­tion of the gearbox at an incli­na­tion angle of +/- 30°. Seal probes are stan­dard equip­ment on the MSXH models.

BAUER Sub­mersible Motor Mixer

Robust plan­e­tary reduc­tion gearbox

A central element of the sub­mersible mixer is the plan­e­tary gearbox. Several highly hard­ened and ground toothed wheels are engaged simul­ta­ne­ous­ly which reduces fric­tion and saves elec­tric­i­ty. In com­bi­na­tion with the large mixer blade and special stir­ring edges a high degree of effi­cien­cy is achieved.

  • Enor­mous mixing capacity
  • High effi­cien­cy
  • For all pit sizes
  • Simple instal­la­tion

Tech­ni­cal Data Sub­mersible Mixer MSX/MSXH

Output kW 5,5 7,5 8,6 11 11 12,6 15
Voltage V 400 400 240/480 400 400 240/480 400
Fre­quen­cy Hz 50 50 60 50 50 60 50
Mixing power* m³/h 2.800 3.600 3.900 5.200 5.700 5.700 6.800
Pit volume* m³ 900 1.400 1.500 2.200 2.400 2.400 2.800
Pro­peller min‑1 315 315 378 315 208 378 315
Weight kg 175 195 195 205 205 205 225
BAUER Sub­mersible Motor Mixer

Motor, cable, pro­peller – A TOP-TEAM.

Pow­er­ful three-phase sub­mersible motor 

Thermal pro­tec­tion installed in the motor guar­an­tees total safety in the event of phase failure, over­volt­age, under­volt­age and over­load. Media tem­per­a­ture MSX–40 °C / MSXH–65 °C.

Special shaft sealing

Two high-quality mechan­i­cal seals guar­an­tee trouble-free oper­a­tion and a long service life.

Strong rubber cable

With its secure con­nec­tion, it guar­an­tees oper­a­tional reli­a­bil­i­ty even under high tensile loads.

Two-wing thrust pro­peller with enor­mous mixing effect

Stain­less steel design, self-clean­ing, with high effi­cien­cy thanks to large diam­e­ter and special thrust edge.

MSXH for pits and slalom systems
MSXH for biogas plants
MSXH for pits and slalom systems
Sub­mersible Mixer MSXH

MSXH for pits and slalom systems

Lifting- and low­er­ing device for open and closed containers

  • Easy instal­la­tion, oper­a­tion and maintenance
  • Sturdy square guide tube with swiv­el­ling bottom bearing
  • Smooth-running spur-wheel rope winch, 900 kg gross load, includ­ing stain­less steel rope, self-locking
  • All mate­r­i­al in contact with medium is rust proof

Use in deep channel systems

Option: Height-adjustable stir­ring tunnel with back-up canvas plane ensur­ing optimum mixing effect.

Slalom system

Auto­mat­ic homogeni­sa­tion of the slurry in the ring channel by means of time clock control

  • Opti­mal­ly stirred slurry at all times
  • Spread­ing pos­si­ble at any time

Inclin­able guide console

Allows to achieve an even better stir­ring effect and faster dis­so­lu­tion of float­ing and sinking layers.

MSXH for biogas plants
Bauer Tauchmotorrührwerk MSXH

MSXH for biogas plants

Lifting- and low­er­ing device with gas-tight wall interface

  • Appro­pri­ate for sub­mersible motor mixer MSXH 7.5 — 15 kW
  • Vari­able height adjust­ment of the control panel
  • Absolute tight­ness in the inter­face area
  • Easy oper­a­tion and adjust­ment of the mixer
  • Optimum mixing of the fer­men­ta­tion substrate
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