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Self-Propelled Technology


The 2-axle saddle tank with a volume of 30,700 litres is suitable for a CLAAS XERION type 783/784 Saddle Trac. Both axles are steerable and lock proportionally to the driving speed in road operation. Driving in so-called "crab steering" (track offset) is possible. In addition, the first axle can be mounted steerable or telescopic. With the 900/60R42 tyres, the ground is protected and the tractive force is reduced. These 218-centimetre tyres have up to 40 percent more contact surface than the combination of a standard tractor with a standard Tridem tanker. The tanker is divided into two chambers so that, during distribution, the rear chamber is emptied first and then the front chamber. This is to keep the maximum pressure of 15 tonnes on the Xerion for as long as possible. Even with heavy attachments of six tonnes, there are no problems with negative vertical load. In addition, the pressure on the Xerion's ball increases the tractor's tractive force on the ground.

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The tandem tanker for a Claas Xerion

BAUER Tandem/Tridem gooseneck tanker

A tandem saddle tank ST with a volume of 30,700 l for a CLAAS XERION Saddle Trac. This saddle tank allows for a soil-friendly and professional distribution. With the 900/60 R42 tyres, the ground is protected and the tractive force is minimised.

Weight transfer to the trac is limited to a maximum of 15 tonnes. These 15 to are achieved on the one hand by a two-chamber system and on the other by unloading the first axle. It is therefore also possible to mount attachments up to 7 to, depending on the attachment length, without a negative vertical load.

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The saddle tank for a Claas Xerion

Facts and figures

As standard, the saddle tank is equipped with a 9,000 l rotary piston pump from Vogelsang. With a 12,000 l rotary piston pump, the tanker's filling time is between 3.5 and 4 minutes. Even at relatively high speeds (10 km/h) and large strip widths (36 metres hose applicator), an application rate of 20 m³/ha is possible. The rapid emptying of the tanker results in an enormous increase in capacity, reason why especially BAUER professional customers opt for this technology. After all, in the professional sector it is not uncommon for the technology to be used 24/7.

Bauer ST

Front unit

Our front unit impresses with its enormous range of approx. 8 m, flexibility, ease of operation and performance.

We install a special Bucher hydraulic block including control box in the front unit so that the front unit is completely separated from the actual oil supply and control technology of the slurry system. As the XERION can guarantee an LS supply at the front and rear, this separation is possible without any problems. Thus, sources of error are minimised and unnecessarily long oil ducts are avoided. The front unit can be swivelled by 160°, it is equipped with a stone cage, a Vogelsang RotaCut, a manual filling nozzle, working lights and lighting complying with the road traffic regulations. The front unit is also equipped with an integrated floating position which allows height adjustment during the suction process. The feeder increases in height and the self-propelled unit becomes heavier. The floating position minimises unnecessary wear. The proportional joystick ensures a very sensitive control of the arm. So anyone can find the suction point in no time at all.

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