HELIX 85, 85–2, 101

The eccen­tric screw pumps Helix 85, 85–2, 101 from BAUER are pow­er­ful rotary dis­place­ment pumps, which – in con­trast to the related, elec­tri­cal­ly oper­at­ed Helix­Drive – are driven by a tractor. The Helix 85, 85–2, 101 ensures a con­tin­u­ous speed-based flow that is nearly free of pul­sa­tion. Pump heads of up to 160 m can be achieved, making it pos­si­ble to spread slurry without dif­fi­cul­ty even in steep terrain. Another advan­tage is the minimal prepa­ra­tion time: set it up, switch it on and get started!

Bauer Güllepumpe Helix Rota
PTO-driven eccen­tric screw pump


  • Abra­sion resis­tant, hard­ened smooth-running cupped rotors made of tough toolsteel
  • Ther­mal­ly opti­mized bearing for con­tin­u­ous operation
  • Sealing ring running in oil bath
  • Large dimen­sioned suction and pres­sure con­nec­tions in order to prevent clogging
  • Access eye in the intake housing
  • Robust lubri­cat­ed cardan joints
  • Compact design
  • Quiet running
  • Main­tanance friendly
  • Self-priming
Bauer Güllepumpe Helix Rota
For slopes

Ideal for steep terrain

With the BAUER eccen­tric screw pumps Helix 85, 85–2 and 101, liquid manure and slurry can be reli­ably spread even in severe terrain: The pumped medium is auto­mat­i­cal­ly drawn in from depth of up to 6 m, depend­ing on the con­sis­ten­cy. A pump head of up to 160 m is pos­si­ble, depend­ing on the pump type.

This pump is ideal for pumping slurry from the pit to a final storage place at a higher level or for umbil­i­cal systems in alpine areas.

Überdruckventil_Helix Rota Pumpe
For mul­ti­ple protection

The advan­tages of the over­pres­sure valve

For users who are par­tic­u­lar­ly con­cerned about safety, we rec­om­mend the over­pres­sure valve, which is fitted with a second con­nec­tion on the pres­sure side.

This offers utmost  pro­tec­tion in the event of block­ages or pres­sure shocks. The pres­sure line can be drained into the pit via the second con­nec­tion. As pro­tec­tion against dry running during suction or when the pit becomes empty, a build­ing water line can be con­nect­ed to the intake housing. The intake con­nec­tion (DN150) and pres­sure con­nec­tion (DN125) are option­al­ly avail­able with BAUER couplings.

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The unbeat­able advan­tages of BAUER eccen­tric screw pumps

Unique rotor
Longer dura­bil­i­ty
Excep­tion­al smoothness 
Proven quality
Exten­sive accessories 
Unique rotor
Rotor Bauer Exzenterschneckenpumpe

Unique rotor

The heart of the Helix 85, 85–2 and 101 is the low fric­tion hollow rotor the key com­po­nent of every eccen­tric screw pump. This rotor is man­u­fac­tured in a unique special process at BSA, a BAUER Group company, and is absolute­ly break-proof.

Longer dura­bil­i­ty

Longer dura­bil­i­ty

Tough tool steel and a con­sis­tent wall thick­ness of 8 mm prevent heat accu­mu­la­tion and stress cracks. The special coating applied makes for a tough and smooth surface. This process also ensures a longer life of the stator rubber, as the smooth rotor surface causes con­sid­er­ably less abrasion.

Excep­tion­al smoothness 
Bauer Güllepumpe HelixDrive

Excep­tion­al smoothness 

The light weight of the low fric­tion hollow rotor guar­an­tees con­sis­tent running smooth­ness in all speed ranges.

Proven quality

Proven quality

When it comes to quality, we do not com­pro­mise. In House factory pro­duc­tion guar­an­tees a con­sis­tent­ly high stan­dard of quality and the rapid avail­abil­i­ty of spare parts.

Exten­sive accessories 

Exten­sive accessories 

The BAUER helix eccen­tric screw pumps can be equipped with a range of attrac­tive acces­sories such as:

  • Stone trap in form of a box or can
  • Aspi­ra­tion mouth with inte­grat­ed stone trap
  • Drum filling station with adjustable dis­charge pipe
  • All com­po­nents for suction and pres­sure lines

You are looking for an eccen­tric screw pump with elec­tric drive?

Then we rec­om­mend the BAUER HELIXDrive.

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Tech­ni­cal data Helix 85, 85–1 and 101

Pump model per­for­mance kw  drice speed
max. rpm.
dis­charge head
in m at
Dis­charge head
in m at
Helix 85 12 540 120 22 45 35
Helix 85–2 17 540 160 29 80 32
Helix 101 17 540 80 35 20 63
Nominal capac­i­ties mea­sured with water.
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