The electrically driven eccentric screw pump HelixDrive, which is ideal for stationary use in agriculture and industry, is the optimal solution for customers with high demands. The possible application spectrum of this pump ranges from liquid manure and sewage sludge to molasses.

The heart of the HelixDrive is the lightweight hollow rotor manufactured in a unique process in the BAUER factory. It is absolutely unbreakable and guarantees the smoothest possible running. Thanks to the 100 millimeter rotor, optimal performance can be achieved even at relatively low speeds and consequently low wear rates.

Exceptional performance


  •  Abrasion resistant, hardened smooth-running cupped rotors made of tough toolsteel – manufactured by BAUER with a special technology and absolutely break-proof
  • Thermally optimized bearing for continuous operation
  • Mechanical seal running in oil bath
  • Large dimensioned intake and pressure connections to reduce plugging
  • Access eye in intake housing
  • Robust, permanently lubricated cardan joints
  • Compact footprint
  • Chassis designed for quick and safe mounting
  • Quiet operation


  • Easy to maintain


  • Self priming


  • Permanently lubricated cardan joints beneath wear free, highly tear-resistant Elastopal sleeves
Compact design

Flexible and easy installation

Thanks to the extremely compact design, the HelixDrive can be easily integrated into existing systems The Helix fits comfortably into existing pump sumps. Installation is particularly easy: the entire unit is mounted on a subframe. There is no longer any need to screw or fix cast parts separately.

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The unbeatable advantages of BAUER eccentric screw pumps

Unique rotor
Longer durability
Exceptional smoothness
Proven quality
Extensive accessories
Unique rotor
Rotor Bauer Exzenterschneckenpumpe

Unique rotor

The heart of the HelixDrive is the low friction hollow rotor the key component of every eccentric screw pump. This rotor is manufactured in a unique special process at BSA, a BAUER Group company, and is absolutely break-proof.

Longer durability

Longer durability

Tough tool steel and a consistent wall thickness of 8 mm prevent heat accumulation and stress cracks. The special coating applied makes for a tough and smooth surface. This process also ensures a longer life of the stator rubber, as the smooth rotor surface causes considerably less abrasion.

Exceptional smoothness
Bauer Güllepumpe HelixDrive

Exceptional smoothness

The light weight of the low friction hollow rotor guarantees consistent running smoothness in all speed ranges.

Proven quality

Proven quality

When it comes to quality, we do not compromise. In House factory production guarantees a consistently high standard of quality and the rapid availability of spare parts.

Extensive accessories

Extensive accessories

he BAUER helix eccentric screw pumps can be equipped with a range of attractive accessories such as:

  • Stone trap in form of a box or can
  • Aspiration mouth with integrated stone trap
  • Drum filling station with adjustable discharge pipe
  • All components for suction and pressure lines

You are looking for an eccentric screw pump with PTO drive?

Then we recommend the BAUER HELIX 85, 85-2 or 101.

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Technical specifications HelixDrive

Pump typePerformance kWMax. pressure in mFlow rate max. m3 / hFlange suction side DNFlange pressure side DNDimensions mm A x B
HelixDrive 5535,530381501251850 x 400
HelixDrive 5565,560151501251745 x 400
HelixDrive 7537,530481501251873 x 400
HelixDrive 7567,560181501251850 x 400
HelixDrive 11031130651501251868 x 400
HelixDrive 11061160351501251950 x 400
Ratings measured with water
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