he MAGNUM SX series from BAUER impresses with its excellent shredding effect and considerable pump heights. These gear and pedestal pumps are available in four versions:

  • SX 2600 with pedestal mount for electric drive motors
  • SX 2000 with heavy-duty gearbox for Diesel engines
  • SX 1000 with heavy-duty gearbox as tractor pump
  • SM 540 with heavy-duty gearbox as tractor pump

The name of the SM 540 may be different, but its features are the same as the SX 1000, with the only difference being that it is smaller.

Bauer Güllepumpe Magnum SX 1000
Works at high pressure


The BAUER Magnum SX and SM pumps are specially designed for thick matters and pump liquid manure with up to 12% DM. These pumps, however, are also absolutely convincing in many other respects:

  • High cutting performance: The cutting blades are made out of high-grade casting and are easily adjustable
  • Suction flange ensures enormous suction capacity and prevents turbulence
  • Protection plates for a long service life
  • Shaft sealing of industrial standard
  • Double-acting mechanical seal with oil reservoir
  • Pump shaft and bearing are amply dimensioned
  • Gearbox of compact industrial design
  • Automatic pressure regulation (optional equipment) for changing conditions of use
Bauer Güllepumpe Magnum SX 2600
Amazingly flexible

Possible applications

The BAUER Magnum centrifugal pumps are not only used in the agricultural sector. They are also extremely popular for industrial applications.

  • Agriculture: In connection with umbilical systems, slurry irrigation, pump tankers, biogas plants, as mobile and stationary transfer pumps
  • Food industry: in slaughter houses, for faeces, and food waste
  • Environmental technology: For different types of sludge such as sewage, digested and faecal sludge
  • Bioenergy Industry
Bauer Güllepumpe Magnum SX Wagen
The most flexible pump

Varied mounting options

The MAGNUM centrifugal pump can be mounted in many different ways. This gives it practical flexibility.

  • SX 1000/SM 540 on a pump trolley
  • SX 1000/SM 540 on a lifting frame for three-point linkage
  • SX 2000 on a trailer with diesel engine
  • SX 2000 on a mobile unit with diesel engine
  • SX 2600 on a base plate with electric drive motor
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The unbeatable advantages of BAUER centrifugal pumps

Technology that convinces
Efficient impeller
Optional self priming system
Technology that convinces

Technology that convinces

  • Pump housing:of special design, ensures unobstructed delivery of viscous liquids
  • Cutting blades: easily adjustable to maintain the ideal cutting gap, draw cut, high-grade casting
  • Suction flange: ensures enormous suction capacity, prevents turbulence
  • Protection plates:for a long service life
  • Shaft sealing: industrial standard, double-acting mechanical seal with oil reservoir
  • Pump shaft and bearing: amply dimensioned
  • Gearbox:compact industrial design
  • Automatic pressure regulation:(optional equipment) for changing conditions of use
Efficient impeller

Efficient impeller

  • made of wear-resistant high-grade casting
  • ideal cutter blade geometry
  • Well suited for liquids containing straw or grass
  • open design of impeller for viscous liquids
  • keeps the sealing space free of solid particles
Optional self priming system

Optional self priming system

  • Quick and automatic filling of the suction line
  • Works without manual valve operation
  • After filling the self priming system is switched off
  • Non return valve :on the delivery side during priming the valve closes and opens automatically when the pump starts delivering
  • Priming pump: mechanically, hydraulically or electromechanically operated, evacuates suction line
  • Syphon:on suction side protects the vacuum pump. The remaining liquid is drained automatically into the suction stream as soon as the pumps starts to deliver.

Technical specifications MAGNUM SX

Modelimpeller/bladesFlow rate m³/hflow head mmax. power kWinput speed min-1
Magnum SX 100041 x 348/460-300140-1021301.000
Magnum SX 200041 x 348/460-300140-1021302.000
Magnum SX 260041 x 348/460-300140-1021302.600

Technical specifications MAGNUM SM 540

Modelimpeller/ bladesflow rate m³/hflow head mmax. power kWinput speed min-1
Magnum SM 540 L441 x 263/440-20095-70bis 65540
Magnum SM 540 L4-M41 x 230/440-20072-52bis 45540
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