Sep­a­ra­tion means profit. Definitely.

BAUER Sep­a­ra­tion

Sep­a­ra­tion is the first step in slurry man­age­ment. It is the start­ing point for further effec­tive manure pro­cess­ing. After sep­a­ra­tion into solid and liquid media, there are many pur­pose­ful pos­si­bil­i­ties for further pro­cess­ing. Today, valu­able bedding mate­r­i­al or compost is pro­duced from the sep­a­rat­ed solid matter. The liquid manure, in turn, ensures safe growth on the crop­land in every veg­e­ta­tion phase. This replaces chem­i­cal fer­tilis­er and saves money, pro­tects the envi­ron­ment and pro­motes animal health.

Our Strengths

High through­put as well as optimal dry matter contents

are the dis­tin­guish­ing fea­tures of BAUER sep­a­ra­tors. Many years of expe­ri­ence, tech­ni­cal­ly perfect design and the use of the highest quality mate­ri­als allow the longest pos­si­ble service life and make us the tech­nol­o­gy leader in this sector. Thanks to the ISO 9001 quality man­age­ment system and con­tin­u­ous devel­op­ment of all indi­vid­ual com­po­nents, we produce high-end products.

Seedlings are growing from fertile soil, environmental concepts.

Sep­a­ra­tion means saving money

Sep­a­ra­tion with the BAUER SEPARATOR turns slurry into valu­able fertiliser.

  • The fully auto­mat­ic sep­a­ra­tion of slurry, i.e. the sep­a­ra­tion of the slurry into a liquid and a solid phase, brings deci­sive advantages.
  • The remain­ing liquid manure can be spread at any time without the need for complex homogeni­sa­tion technology.
  • The odour­less solid phase can be stored without any problems.
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Making good use of exist­ing resources

with the latest technology.

For farms with high animal con­cen­tra­tions, the enor­mous amount of slurry pro­duced is a major problem, espe­cial­ly for farms with too many animals per unit area. Legal require­ments aggra­vate the sit­u­a­tion. There­fore, the slurry must be treated accord­ing­ly. Con­ven­tion­al systems for treat­ing slurry are very time-con­sum­ing and labour-inten­sive, and the invest­ment costs are enormous.

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High eco­nom­ic efficiency

Espe­cial­ly for farms with a large number of animals and a small appli­ca­tion area, the sep­a­ra­tion of slurry is ideal. The storage capac­i­ty of slurry is reduced by up to 30 %. The effi­cient use of nutri­ents from the liquid and solid phases allows savings on mineral fertiliser.
By selling the solids, for example to allot­ment gar­den­ers or as a compost base for hor­ti­cul­tur­al busi­ness­es, an addi­tion­al profit can be made.

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