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Separator Green Bedding

The use of Green BeddingTM offers many economic advantages compared to conventional bedding materials such as straw and sawdust. In addition to eliminating the purchase costs of bedding material, Green BeddingTM does not introduce additional nutrients or unknown germs into the farm. There is no need for large storage space, as the bedding material is produced fresh daily. The slurry is thinner after separation, can be spread easily and is better absorbed by the soil, the total amount of slurry is reduced.

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Bauer Separator Green Bedding

Bedding as a feel-good factor

Animal welfare is also positively influenced when using Green BeddingTM. The loose, soft material is well accepted by the cows and preferred over sand or rubber mats, for example. Moisture retention is higher than with straw and dust formation is lower. Joint injuries and skin abrasions are minimised and the cows are very clean. These advantages result in long lying times and correspondingly high milk yields.

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Bauer Separator Green Bedding

The advantages

  • Dry matter content of up to 36% DM in solid matter for cattle slurry
  • Production of an inexpensive, harmless bedding material from the manure produced on the farm. No additional bedding material needs to be purchased.
  • High throughput with simultaneously very high dry matter content in the solid matter
  • Low energy consumption
  • Press screw and screen basket of stainless steel
  • Low wear of press screw due to hard metal armouring
  • Housing of cast iron
  • Continuous cleaning of the screen by the screw
  • Easy maintenance
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At a glance

Technical Data Separator Green Bedding S855 GB

Throughput m³/hDry matter content %Input power kWScreen size mm
bis zu 20357,50,75 / 1,0
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