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Munic­i­pal- and Special Tankers by BAUER

Our slurry tanker product range also offers flex­i­ble and cost-effec­tive solu­tions for munic­i­pal and indus­tri­al appli­ca­tions. Whether water­ing city gardens, fight­ing fires in state forests, extract­ing liquids from indus­tri­al plants, trans­port­ing liquids with hook-lift trucks or water­ing sta­tions in remote pas­tures — our slurry tankers are versatile.



BAUER Quality

Water­ing Tanker for Pastures

Water­ing Tanker TF11

Uni­ver­sal, sturdy water­ing tanker of a steel tank hot gal­va­nized inside and outside.
Con­tents 1,100 litres. Central water­ing trough at the back, filling flange at the top Ø150mm with swiv­el­ling lid and eyebolt.

Running axle and road tyres 165/70R

Stationärfass 2100
For fork­lift transportation

Sta­tion­ary Tanker STV20 

Indus­tri­al plants often require simple suction units from con­tain­ers, tubs or chan­nels. The sta­tion­ary tanker can suck in even liquid media via the elec­tri­cal­ly driven orig­i­nal Bauer com­pres­sor and dis­charge them via the dis­charge gate. By means of the fork­lift brack­ets, the sta­tion­ary tanker can be trans­port­ed safely with pallet forks. With a capac­i­ty of 2,100 litres, it is dimen­sioned for fork­lift trans­port as well as for the fre­quent­ly required volumes. Clean­ing and removal of foreign bodies, for example, can be carried out via the fully opening, swing-out tanker base (lid). The vacuum system makes the unit insen­si­tive to stones and foreign bodies of any kind. Required power supply: 340V/32A/7.5kW.



Munic­i­pal Tanker

This indus­tri­al tanker stands out by its indi­vid­ual con­fig­u­ra­tion for the special appli­ca­tion. Based on the combi tanker, it can be extend­ed by numer­ous fea­tures. Equip­ment such as a high-speed gear 80 km/h, sewer flush­ing rat or 2 sep­a­rate tank volumes are, among other things, fre­quent­ly select­ed options.

Ideal for:

  • Sewer flush­ing
  • Street clean­ing
  • Plant water­ing
For hook lift

Roll-off Tanker

Hook lift tanks offer the pos­si­bil­i­ty to flex­i­bly switch between dif­fer­ent trans­porters. We mount steel tankers and acces­sories onto the stan­dard­ised frames accord­ing to indi­vid­ual require­ments. Tanker sizes ranging from 8,000 – 15,000 litres are among our most fre­quent­ly pro­duced types.


Accord­ing to your specifications

Special Tankers

We man­u­fac­ture steel tankers accord­ing to your specifications.

  • Volumes up to 30,000 litres
  • Diam­e­ters from 1100 mm to 2400 mm
  • Vacuum ‑1 bar / over­pres­sure +0.5 bar
  • Stan­dard- or special flanges
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