High transport volume

Transport Tankers

For the two-step process, road-specifically designed tankers transport slurry from the slurry pits to the professional spreading tanker set up in the field. These transport tankers stand out by a high transport volume and road-specific tyres and chassis and are our so-called “tankers”. High-speed axles provide to these transport giants the road behaviour required in the truck sector.


adapted for truck saddle plate

machine welded


Transport Tanker

The transport tanker TTW is equipped for the adaptation to a truck’s fifth wheel plate. The TTW has a truck king pin at the front and is primarily intended for a dolly chassis which we call BMT.
The TTW is manufactured according to the proven Bauer steel tanker technology and is hot-dip galvanised inside and out. A serial air spring chassis and air brakes with ALB ensure the high-speed smooth running characteristics on the road. A serial filling dome with large slide lid allows easy external filling from the top. With the serial elastic docking funnel at the rear top, the spreading tanker can intake the slurry quickly via a suction arm. Hose brackets and a jack with 2 speeds are mounted to the chassis. The TTW is pressureless in standard execution, but can optionally be equipped with a big-delivery eccentric rotor pump which is driven hydraulically. Serial LED lighting rounds off the professional standard equipment.


Bauer Multi-Trailer

The Bauer Multi-Trailer BMT is a dolly chassis which, in contrast to turntable chassis, allows to obtain a full vertical load on the ball-headed linkage and thus to achieve more permissible transport volume. The BMT single axle is equipped with an air spring and a fifth wheel plate as standard. The BMT has an air brake with ALB and spring brake cylinder included. Depending on the country, the registration of the BMT may be subject to special rules. The wheels are covered with mudguards, serial LED lighting rounds off the professional standard equipment.
Optionally, the BMT can be equipped with on-board hydraulics - its own hydraulic oil supply - which supplies the oil necessary to drive the optional eccentric rotor pump of the TTW.

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    Thomas Perlik

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