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Vacuum Tankers by Bauer

What is important to the farmer is a manageable technology, robust over many years and which meets the requirements of the livestock regarding cost-benefit ratio and the correct and proper distribution of liquid manure.

BAUER slurry tankers have been a guarantee of durability and lasting value for decades. Their reliability and models adapted to the geographical conditions of use, give the Bauer slurry tankers their well-known image. A low centre of gravity qualifies the vacuum tankers for mountainous regions and also results in incomparable trailing behaviour.


machine welded

many extensions available

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Original BAUER Technology

All from one source

Bauer Group - the synergy advantage Thanks to its high level of in-house design and production, BAUER offers perfectly matched tanker components. For this reason, the production of components within the Bauer Group offers a high level of technological advancement.

  • BAUER compressors “Made in Austria”
  • Steel tanker production from 1,100 - 28,000 litres
  • Control units developed in-house, configured for the Bauer tanker

BAUER Compressors

For decades, the BAUER compressor has been synonymous with reliability and durability. High-quality lamellar graphite cast and the very precise machining on CNC-controlled machining centres enable a high degree of efficiency, which is reflected in the world-famous suction and pressure characteristics. Every compressor has to prove its high performance requirements for vacuum and pressure on the factory's own test bench - only then is it delivered to you.

  • Made in Austria
  • Silent, low power requirement
  • Low-speed engine - increases the already long service life even further
  • Environment-friendly thanks to low oil consumption
  • Durable through lubrication both during vacuum and pressure operation
  • Forced lubrication via piston oil pump
Steel Tankers
Anti-surge Baffles

Development and Design

Our experienced construction engineers develop new components and equipment focusing on well proven technology. BAUER slurry tankers are drawn in full 3D on CAD design workstations, ensuring that spare parts are available even after many years. Test runs and load tests make sure that every prototype is ready for series production.

Your confidence is based on our experience.

Steel Tankers
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Steel Tankers

BAUER Vacuum Tankers

In a special process, the single parts of the tanker (rings of steel) are beaded and later put together with hydraulic presses to obtain a perfectly round shape. Later on, the joints are automatically welded which ensures an optically perfect weld seam of high quality. The standard hot-dip galvanization according to DIN EN ISO 1461 ensures long-term corrosion protection. The high-gloss galvanization with the typical "zinc flower" gives our tankers an amazing appearance. In order to preserve the appearance over many years, all galvanized tankers are finished with a special passivation.

Big wheels

No loss of volume

Wheel recesses or wheel boxes reduce the volume. Not at BAUER! Due to the in-house production of our tankers, the length of tanker is again enlarged approximately to the nominal volume. The advantages of a recess in the tanker are:

  • The outer track can be reduced.
  • The steering angle for tandem tankers can be enlarged.
  • The tanker volume can be identified simply from the BAUER type designation.
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Depending on the tanker type, the tractor and application, the types of drawbars offer different advantages. Therefore, we are offering the complete range:

  • Linkage above PTO
  • Linkage below PTO
  • Central drawbar

An optional drawbar adjustment is available for all drawbars to adjust the tanker inclination or hitch height of different tractors. An additional extension as a drawbar suspension via nitrogen accumulators is available.


Anti-surge Baffles
For your safety

Anti-surge Baffles

Big volume tankers require more road safety which is ensured by one or more anti-surge baffles, depending on the tanker size. Anti-surge baffles are a standard in all models from size 55 up.



The insensitivity to foreign matters in the slurry is one of the strengths of the vacuum tanker. However, this requires good accessibility to the tank. For this reason, we manufacture a tanker lid which can be opened completely up to a tanker diameter of Ø1250mm and a recessed manhole from a tanker diameter of Ø1400mm. The manhole with Ø750mm combines the advantages of good accessibility and low effort with only a few screws to open. Easy maintenance.

  • From model 55 manhole cover Ø 750mm

For compressor and tanker

Bauer vacuum tankers are provided with a double overpressure protection in standard execution. A sealed pressure relief valve with blow-off hose regulates the pressure and the spring-loaded dome lid provides double pressure protection in the tank.

Ball valves in the dome and in the siphon provide double safety against slurry entering the compressor.  The under- and overpressure can be read from the glycerine manovacuumeter.

  • Double pressure protection as standard
  • Double ball valves as standard
V97 mit Schleppschuh
Prepared for the future

Preparation for ground-level spreading technology

With the optional preparation for hose applicator, Bauer vacuum tankers can be equipped for hose applicators or trailing shoe applicators. The possible parameters are already taken into consideration in the design and the tanker is equipped accordingly.


Especially for your requirements.

Options for Vacuum Tankers

Additional Dome
Air power
Downhill Spreader
Automatic Suction
SLE System
Hose Applicator & Trailing Shoe Applicator
Additional Dome
Top of the tanker

Additional Dome

An additional dome on top of the tanker is available in 2 executions. As a manually opened lid with a diameter of 320mm or as a hydraulic version with a diameter of 450mm.

The effective filling aid


The flow-optimised cast pump housing, adopted from BAUER pumping technology in which an impeller insensitive to foreign bodies runs at high speed, considerably supports the normal suction process. The compressor can be run at low speed. This makes the vacuum tanker almost completely full again and reduces the filling time.

Air power
Air power

Air Mixing Device

The slurry is agitated in this area by air flowing in via sleeves. Check valves protect the compressor. Tankers with a compressor size of B33 to B83 are equipped with one mixing tube. As from compressor type Star, two mixing tubes are installed.

Downhill Spreader
Complete emptying

Downhill Spreader

When driving downhill, a vacuum tanker cannot be emptied completely for reasons of the system. The downhill spreader allows to select the spreading situation and to empty the tanker completely.

Automatic Suction
Fast. Effective. Clean.

Automatic Suction

And without getting off the tractor. With a suction arm (automatic suction), you hydraulically dock the suction line into a suction funnel placed on the slurry pit/lagoon. You start/stop the filling process directly from the tractor via hydraulically controlled suction slides. Different types of suction arms are available.

SLE System
For vertical load upholding

SLE System

The system based on two tank chambers automatically empties the rear chamber first whereby the first one always receives the full vertical load. This allows for better traction on the tractor wheel and for safe driving off-road. Available as from type V77.

Hose Applicator & Trailing Shoe Applicator
Prepared for

Hose Applicator & Trailing Shoe Applicator

This allows a subsequent attachment of a spreading boom at any time. In this case, the tanker is equipped with a flat manhole so that the spreading device can be attached as closely as possible to the tanker body. Furthermore, an additional outlet flange for the feed line of the spreading boom is placed at the top rear of the tanker.

Vacuum Tanker


Our vacuum tankers are also available in tandem execution.

V100 4-Federtandem (6)
Four-Spring Tandem

Tandem Chassis Technology

Vacuum tandem tankers from 10,000 litres have been equipped with the proven 4-spring tandem group for many years now. Sturdy suspended parabolic springs combined with the compensating rocker and, on large series, with additional longitudinal stabilisers provide driving safety and high load-bearing capacity. From size V100TL, a self-steering on the second axle is included as standard. This ensures low tyre wear and soil protection in the field.

Vacuum Tandem Tanker

Axle Groups

Type series V63T to V81TL are equipped with spring-loaded bogie axle groups.

Star Compressors

Pumping Technology

In tandem vacuum tankers from 12m³, the first-class Star compressors used are optimally matched to the tanker volumes and ensure the maximum technical vacuum for effective suction.

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