Standard extent of supply

  • Volute pump for clear water
  • Pump sealed with rotating mechanical seal
  • Pump connected with flange
  • Built-on gearbox with spiral gearing
  • PTO shaft 1 3/8'' - 6-spline
  • Protection cap for PTO connection

Item No.ArticleTanker volume(l)PE pipe endPit depth(m)Rotor/StatorImpeller/bladesMotor powerrpm(u/min)CylNoteSuction connection(4)NumberQuerschnittbreite(mm)WheelsContent(m³)Tanker volumeManometric head(m)Pressure connectionAußen Ø max.(mm)Pit volume(m³)Mixing blade(mm)max. power(kW)Suction-/pressure connectionPump typeTraktorleistungTragfähigkeit bei 25 km/h min-max(kg)Mixing blade diameter(mm)Luftdruck min-max(bar)Power(kW)Speed(min-1)(left)Tank 
3380004Pump Famos V 100

Pump Famos V 100

tractor gear pump

Weight: 64 kg
Product group: 23