BAUER booms

Easy to handle - economical in use- gentle to plants and soil

  • Irrigation with Bauer boom carts offers particularly fine precipitation, protecting the plants and the soil.
  • As low as  0,8 bar for the nozzles is sufficient for operation
  • This way energy and water can be saved

Irrigation in its finest form

  • As low as 0,8 bar of nozzle pressure is enough for a particularly fine and gentle precipitation which protects plants and soil
  • Fine droplets prevent soil compaction - topsoil and pore structure are preserved and the soil is treated with care.
  • Further advantages are pressure reduction, uniform distribution of precipitation and low sensitivity to wind
  • By distributing the water close to the ground, evaporation is reduced, increasing efficiency and having a positive effect on the overall cost efficiency of the machine.    

Compact transport unit

  • For transport, the fold away elements of the boom AS 32 and AS 50 are loaded onto the RAINSTAR
  • A single operation easily opens or closes the boom in just a few minutes.

Lateral field transport, parallel to the drive direction (A):

  • At the end of the irrigation strip the cart is lifted automatically (RAINSTAR T) by the hydraulic system (RAINSTAR E) and the RAINSTAR with boom is ready for transport
  • Without any boom adjustments the assembly is positioned on the next strip in no time.

Rear field transport - across the driving direction (B)

  • The unfolded boom can be lifted by the hydraulics and transported to the next set-up position - even perpendicular to the driving direction
  • The transport of the cart is particularly time saving if the PE-pipe is laid down


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