The classic irrigation system

Classic irrigation system with sprinkler lines to lay out. This is an affordable investment for an irrigation system and is perfectly suited for small areas where enough workforce is available to operate the system.  The piping system consists of the following main components:

  • PUMP UNIT: tractor-, electro- or diesel pump unit
  • PIPELINES AND SPRINKLER: The pipeline and the sprinklers need to be moved to the next position after the desired precipitation rate has been reached. Small as well as wide range sprinklers are suitable for this system. The type of the sprinkler depends on the size of the irrigated area.  

The average expenditure of work for this irrigation system is approx. 2-3 hours per hectare and irrigation amount.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Easy installation of the system, this means ready for installation in a very short time
  • High mobility by use of quick coupling pipes, it is possible to move the machine quickly to other areas
  • Economical use on every surface and area
  • The irrigation system can be extended at any time
  • It is possible to apply only low precipitation rates. This is important for sensitive, newly planted crops.