• PRORAIN F40 with special PE-pipe
  • Hot-dip galvanised 2-wheel undercarriage with fixed track 2,2m
  • Removable jack
  • Revolving pipe reel
  • Hydraulic machine supports
  • Undercarriage and turntable hot dip galvanised
  • 4 speed gearbox with mounted turbine
  • Irrigation computer ECOSTAR 4300 with back-up battery
  • Automatic cart lift for wheel cart
  • PRORAIN with standard equipment for cart without sprinkler

Item No.ArticlePE pipe end 
8003117PRO RAIN F40 100-540asym

PRO RAIN F40 100-540

F40 with cart T

Weight: 3720.001 kg
Product group: 35
8003119PRO RAIN F40 110-400asym

PRO RAIN F40 110-400

F40 with cart T

Weight: 3465.001 kg
Product group: 35
8003183PRO RAIN F40 110-500asym

PRO RAIN F40 110-500

F40 with cart T

Weight: 3812 kg
Product group: 35
8003178PRO RAIN F40 120-370asym

PRO RAIN F40 120-370

F40 with cart T

Weight: 3598 kg
Product group: 35