Submersible Motor Mixer MSXH

  • submersible motor mixer with 400V/50Hz submersible motor, 1450 min-1
  • two-wing thrust propeller - stainless steel
  • mounting bracket with grade adjustment - in stainless steel
  • planetary gears, mechanical seal in oil bath, safe from running dry
  • thermal winding protection (PTC / PTC resistor)
  • temperature class H, media temperature 65°C
  • sealing sensor for planetary gear
  • 12 m cable 12x2,5 in especially durable design with traction relief and 6m cable protective tube - without plug
  • motor protection is guaranteed only with original BAUER control unit (accessory) with built-in thermal tripping relay for PTC thermistor detectors and overcurrent relay

MSXH with mounting bracket for lift pole 100X100

Item No.ArticleContent(m³)Mixing blade(mm) 
6170275Submersible motor mixerMSXH5,5900550

Submersible motor mixerMSXH5,5

Submersible motor mixer 5,5kW with planetary gear S41

Weight: 255 kg
Product group: 44
6170276Submersible motor mixer MSXH7,1400600

Submersible motor mixer MSXH7,

Submersible motor mixer 7,5kW with planetary gear S41

Weight: 245 kg
Product group: 44
6170277Submersible motor mixer MSXH112200665

Submersible motor mixer MSXH11

Submersible motor mixer 11kW with planetary gear S41

Weight: 273 kg
Product group: 44
6170287Submersible Motor Mixer MSXH112400845

Submersible Motor Mixer MSXH11

Slow runner 11kW / 400V / 50Hz 6-poles S41 short version

Weight: 239 kg
Product group: 44
6170278Submersible motor mixer MSXH152800750

Submersible motor mixer MSXH15

Submersible motor mixer 15kW with planetary gear S41

Weight: 285 kg
Product group: 44

MSXH without mounting bracket for stirring tunnel

Item No.ArticleContent(m³)Mixing blade(mm) 
6170077Submersible motor mixer MSXH 12200665

Submersible motor mixer MSXH 1

11kW/400V/50Hz with planetary gear S41 short version

Weight: 179 kg
Product group: 44
6170078Submersible motor mixer MSXH152800750

Submersible motor mixer MSXH15

15kW / 400V / 50Hz with planetary gear S41short version

Weight: 243 kg
Product group: 44