Typical fields of application

  • mixing
  • filling tankers
  • rinsing
  • pumping

*) Due to the higher drive power available, MAGNUM LP 55 is suited particularly for heavy-duty stirring performance and pumping of thick sludge with a higher solids content.

Technical features

  • double pump shaft bearing absorbs heavy shocks
  • the robust hyperbolic cutter chops up stringy material with effortless ease and prevents it from winding around and blocking up the system. The high-quality tool-steel cutters are readjustable, their cutting edges can be used four times.
  • top intake ensures that no heavy foreign objects and stones are sucked in by the pump. This avoids clogging when the pump is immersed in floating crusts.
  • the open, thick matter impeller was designed especially for thick slurry
  • the cast iron three-way cock can be switched to stirring or pumping even under pressure.
  • the nozzle can be swiveled horizontally 220° and vertically 30° downwards and 15° upwards
  • the drive shaft running in oil bath has multiple bearings and seals
  • and an exchangeable stainless steel bushing