Product Range MAGNUM SX

  • SX 1000 with heavy-duty gearbox as tractor pump
  • SX 2000 with heavy-duty gearbox for Diesel engines
  • SX 2600 with pedestal mount for electric drive motors

Technical features

  • Pump housing: of special design, ensures unobstructed delivery of viscous liquids
  • Cutting blades: easily adjustable to maintain the ideal cutting gap, draw cut, high-grade casting
  • Suction flange: ensures enormous suction capacity, prevents turbulence
  • Protection plates: For a long service life
  • Shaft sealing: Of industrial standard, double-acting mechanical seal with oil reservoir
  • Pump shaft and bearing: Amply dimensioned
  • Gearbox: Of compact industrial design
  • Automatic pressure regulation: (optional equipment) For changing conditions of use

Mounting variants

  • SX 1000 on a pump trolley
  • SX 1000 on a hoisting frame for three-point linkage
  • SX 2000 on a trailer with diesel engine
  • SX 2000 on a mobile unit with diesel engine
  • SX 2600 on a base plate with electric drive motor