Polyester tandem pump tanker

For over 20 years the BAUER Tandem-swing-axle has been an integral part of our pump tankers. The specific weight distribution between front and rear axle and the independently oscillating axle spars on the left and on the right  give the unit its favoured performance. An even ground pressure on all four wheels can only be achieved by this pendulum unit. The tanker is filled via a self priming eccentric screw pump.  

Standard extent of supply:

  • Tank of polyester laminate with gel coating
  • Baffles
  • Profile frame galvanized as a rigid tension drawbar
  • Wheel cut-out for all wheels and to adjust axle
  • Maintanance lid on top of the tanker approx. 600x600mm
  • BAUER Tandem-Pendulum-Unit TDASL over-run steering axle
  • Air brake dual system
  • ALB - automatic load controlled brake regulation  
  • Filling level indicator at the front
  • Hose carrier on one side
  • Supporting jack and wheel chocks
  • Lighting equipment 25 km/h
  • Original BAUER eccentric screw pump 4000 liters/min.
  • Large stone trap, integrated in eccentric spiral pump with draining cover
  • Suction connection front left side Bauer HK 159 - socket with quick coupler and vent cock
  • 6m suction line one piece with suction guard for quick coupler, 3m pipe/ 3m hose
  • Delivery line outside - positioned under the tank D133mm
  • Outlet gate valve (three-way valve) hydraulically double acting, socket HK 133
  • Hand-operated quantity dosing device on three-way valve
  • Baffle plate spreader with cast nose; HK 133 - ball with lever closure ring
  • Overflow-, aeration and de-aeration line
  • Operating manual and maintenance instructions

Item No.ArticleTanker volume(l)PE pipe endPit depth(m)Rotor/StatorImpeller/bladesMotor powerrpm(u/min)CylNoteSuction connection(4)NumberQuerschnittbreite(mm)WheelsContent(m³)Tanker volumeManometric head(m)Pressure connectionAußen Ø max.(mm)Pit volume(m³)Mixing blade(mm)max. power(kW)Suction-/pressure connectionPump typeTraktorleistungTragfähigkeit bei 25 km/h min-max(kg)Mixing blade diameter(mm)Luftdruck min-max(bar)Power(kW)Speed(min-1)(left)Tank 
6050020Poly Pump Tanker Tandem Axle Poly 105

Poly Pump Tanker Tandem Axle Poly 105

Bauer Polyfass

Weight: 4500 kg
Product group: 41
6050030Poly Pump Tanker Tandem Axle Poly 125

Poly Pump Tanker Tandem Axle Poly 125

Bauer Polyfass

Weight: 4900 kg
Product group: 41
6050035Poly Pump Tanker Tandem Axle Poly 140

Poly Pump Tanker Tandem Axle Poly 140

Bauer Polyfass

Weight: 5300 kg
Product group: 41
6050040Poly Pump Tanker Tandem Axle Poly 161+

Poly Pump Tanker Tandem Axle Poly 161+

Bauer Polyfass

Weight: 6400 kg
Product group: 41
6050050Poly Pump Tanker Tandem Axle Poly 191+

Poly Pump Tanker Tandem Axle Poly 191+

Bauer Polyfass

Weight: 6900 kg
Product group: 41