Polyester Tandem Pump Tanker

Standard extent of supply:

  • Container made of polyester laminate
  • - with gel coating, colour green
  • - Baffle wall firmly laminated  
  • - Galvanized profile fram as a fixed drawbar
  • - Wheel cut out over all wheels
  • - Maintanance cover on the top approx. 600x600mm
  • BAUER Tandem-Pendulum-Aggregate TDASL V, Reer axle steering with cam disc, single acting
  • Flange towing eye DN40mm
  • Double-circuit pneumatic system 25km/h
  • ALB automatisch - lastabhängige - braking force control via
  • Filling level sensor in the front container base 
  • Hose tray left and right (bei Anbaugeräten bedingt verwendbar)
  • 1 crank support leg
  • 2 wheel chocks
  • Lighting device 25km/h
  • BAUER eccentric screw pump E3000GLD
  • Stone trap integrated in eccentric screw pump with draining cover
  • Suction connection at the front left Bauer HK159 -Becher with quick coupler and ventilation cock
  • Pressure line diameter. 133mm
  • Outlet valve (three-way valve) hydraulic double acting Bauer HK133 cup
  • Manual dosing device on the three-way slide, operated manually
  • Overflow/ ventilation
  • Operating and maintenance manual


  • Prallkopfverteiler mit Guß-Staunase, Bauer  HK133 - Kugel mit Hebelverschlussring
  • 6m Ansaugleitung geteilt mit Saugschutz (4m Rohr + 2m Schlauch) Bauer HK159 - Kugel für Schnellkuppler
  • Gelenkwelle weitwinkel einseitig mit Rutschkupplung 1 3/8" - 1 3/8" 6-teilig, für Schneckenpumpe

Item No.ArticleTanker volume(l)WheelsSuction-/pressure connection 
6050007Poly 60+ Tandem axle6000550/60-22,5 T648HK 159/6" - HK 133/5"

Poly 60+ Tandem axle

Weight: not available
Product group: 41