Polyester construction

The BAUER polyester tankers have a volume of up to 26.000 liters. More capacity at low dead weight enables easy application of your precious natural fertilizer in less rides.


Gelcoat - standard of quality as for yachts

  • The outer layer of Gelcoat- ensures UV-resistance. This offers long and reliable durability.
  • BAUER uses original Yachting Gelcoat with the technical characteristics of experts and a professional optics.
  • Yachting Gelcoat offers a very smooth surface and therefore easy to clean, especially when it comes to biogas slurry.
  • Gelcoat offers resistance against environmental influences and road salts.

Rowing-Gewebe - © Perlik Thomas

Our strength - the high tech material >Rowing<

  • Due to its continuous fibre bundles the Rowing-fabric enables to derive static and dynamic forces from calculated points of the chassis. 
  •  Adaption and fastening points in the container are firmly laminated and do not touch the medium, therefore, corrosion by the transported medium can be excluded. 
  • Special parts of the container are produced in a sandwich procedure.

The eccentric screw pump, the heart of the pump tanker

The Bauer eccentric screw pump is characterized by its high performance data. The extra large intake housing for the tanker insert, which is equipped as a standard with a discharge flap protects the tanker from heavy foreign objects.

  • Three size gradations offer the right pump for each tanker.
  • A hardened hollow rotor paired with the stator guarantees a long service life.
  • The pump head which is running in an oil bath is protected by a high quality mechanical seal from the pump room.

Hohl Rotor - © Perlik Thomas

Pump - Rotor

The rotor of the pump is produced in our own factory and with our own technology. In a special warm forming process the hollow rotor is formed from high quality steel. Due to the low weight of the hollow rotor the pump gets its running smoothness. A whirling process makes the surface perfect in a way that it gets an exact outer geometry and a very smooth bearing surface. This is important for the high performance data and the low wear. A final hardening refines the perfect surface and this way provides a longer service life and resistance.

  •  BAUER production in our own factory
  •  Hollow rotor provides running smoothness
  •  Smooth surface ensures low wear 

Pumpen - Stator