BAUER BLITZ powerful - robust - large working width

Bauer pump tankers are characterized by rapid filling, high discharge pressure and robust pumps. The high quality equipment is completed by an extensive range of accessories.

The eccentric screw pump, the heart of the pump tanker

The Bauer eccentric screw pump is characterized by its high performance data. The extra large intake housing for the tanker insert, which is equipped as a standard with a discharge flap protects the tanker from heavy foreign objects.

  • Three size gradations offer the right pump for each tanker.
  • A hardened hollow rotor paired with the stator guarantees a long service life.
  • The pump head which is running in an oil bath is protected by a high quality mechanical seal from the pump room.

Exact quantity control of application rate

With the Bauer-pump tanker it is possible to regulate the application rate via the 3-way valve, the pump speed and driving speed.  Due to the adjustability on the 3-way valve it is possible to regulate the application rate. High discharge pressure of the pump tanker guarantees large working width and a uniform slurry distribution.