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From old to new

Renovation of the water slide of the Schlossbad Bärnbach

The big water slide from the "Schlossbad in Bärnbach" near Voitsberg ended up in our factory for a general renovation after the 2023 swimming season. Thanks to the proven Bauer gelcoat technology, the slide now shines in new splendor and is ready for next summer. Water lovers and slide fans are welcome!
When it comes to water, we are the experts.
Very popular in the region of Voitsberg

The Schlossbad in Bärnbach

With 8000 m² water surface the Schlossbad Bärnbach is one of the largest outdoor pools in Austria. The idyllic sunbathing lawn around the historic castle "Alt-Kainach" and numerous attractions such as a spacious sports pool, a diving area and two water slides offer relaxation and fun for guests from near and far. In particular, the 36 meter long slide with an entrance at a height of 3.5 meters and exciting curves ensures an unforgettable bathing experience.

In addition, the municipality of Bärnbach is constantly striving to expand the leisure activities (boccia courts, beach volleyball, beach soccer) for the guests.


Sustainability is in our DNA

Bathing fun for generations

For decades, water lovers have been having fun on the popular slide at Bärnbacher Schlossbad on hot summer days. The stress over the long period of time and the sometimes strong sunlight made revitalization urgently necessary in the summer of 2023. According to our slogan “For a green world”, we were happy to accept this challenge. It was an honor for us to take on the renovation of the popular slide. Now fun of sliding is guaranteed for future generations.

The gelcoat technology from the poly tanker specialist

Ready for the coming years

The slide was renovated using the hand lamination process in our factory in Voitsberg. This process ensures highest material quality with high resistance and low wall thickness. This technology has proven itself for decades in our polyester tankers.

The gelcoat outer layer guarantees maximum UV resistance. This in turn ensures long-term, reliable durability. BAUER uses Original Yachting Gelcoat which offers a very smooth external surface and has therefore good cleaning properties. Gelcoat is also extremely resistant to environmental influences.

BAUER poly tankers


"Many thanks to all employees who were involved in this project. Their professionalism and commitment have made a lasting contribution to increasing the attractiveness of our outdoor pool. Simply TOP!"

Jochen Bocksrucker, mayor of Bärnbach

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