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BAUER self-propelled technology

Flexible, soil-friendly and powerful

Spreading slurry in difficult conditions is always a challenge for farmers and contractors. This is especially the case when fertilizing with large vehicles. The Austrian Bauer Group offers a perfect solution for such scenarios: the 16,000 liter self-propelled PT 16000 can handle even difficult soils without destroying them thanks to optimal weight distribution and tires. In addition, the volume and working width of the self-propelled machine can be flexibly extended using spreading devices or an additional tanker. The tank is filled in 90 seconds using a special pump.

With a capacity of 16,000 liters and a length of 11.5 meters including disc harrow, the PT 16000 is one of the most compact machines in its class. Thanks to an optimal weight distribution in the ratio 50:50 and tires of 900/60 R42, the self-propelled vehicle also does its work in a particularly soil-friendly manner.

Bauer Selbstfahrtechnik PT 16000

The longitudinal and transverse anti-surge baffles inside the polyester tank further improve the properties that protect the soil: the special architecture ensures the stability of the vehicle even when the tank is emptied. The Lower Bavarian company ECKART Maschinenbau is responsible for the hand produced 160 hectoliter tank. ECKART, a subsidiary of the Bauer Group, can rely on its many years of experience in the field of GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) technology.

Flexible and multifunctional

The PT 16000 shows its strengths as a self-propelled machine with a spreading device that is up to 21 meters wide. In addition, an additional slurry tanker can be attached to the Bauer Group vehicle using the K80 ball head coupling. This allows the PT 16000 to be flexibly extended in terms of volume and working width.

With its large tyres, the slurry self-propelled machine not only impresses in the field, but also, for example, does an excellent job on the silage clamp - here it reliably compacts silage. The spreading device can be removed in less than two hours and the vehicle is ready for such operations.

Logistics – the key to success

In addition to the cabin, which gives the driver a great overview of what is happening, the front unit has a powerful, 8 meter long suction arm. This can be rotated 160 degrees and also has multiple joints, which ensures utmost versatility even when filling the tanker under difficult conditions. Long travel times to the filling location or folding and unfolding the spreading device are thus avoided. This minimizes down time and maximizes efficiency.

Filled in 90 seconds

The standard version of the tanker is equipped with a 9,000 l/min rotary piston pump from Vogelsang. With the optional 12,000 l/min pump, the tanker can be filled within 1.5 minutes.