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Bauer Separator S655
A cycle of harvesting and recycling

Separator S655 used for healing purposes

Bauer technology in the service of healing power. The western Styrian Moorbad Schwanberg uses a separator and a long shaft pump for the treatment and reuse of the healing peat.

 The formation of the high peat bog in Garanas goes back to the Neolithic period, 4,000 BC. The recognized healing peat, which is used in the Moorbad Schwanberg against skin and other diseases, is formed at a height of 1,300 meters.

How does the peat get into the bathtub?

After mining, the dark raw peat is stored externally and delivered to the Moorbad in containers. The hyperboloid cutting mechanism of the long shaft submersible pump shreds the material, which is then mixed with water, homogenized and heated. The Magnum LE 11 then transports the peat, which is regularly checked for its physical and chemical parameters, into the tub. After the healing treatment, the separator S655 moves into action: the liquid part ends up in the sewage system, the solid part is returned to the mining site. There the fibre can enrich again with curing elements and after a few decades it should be usable again as a healing treatment.


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A closed circuit

Bauer technology in the service of healing power

Peat and blueberries

Another part of the solid phase is processed into potting soil and used for example for blueberry plants that prefer an acidic environment. The pH value of 4.3 is also a special challenge for machines that come into contact with the aggressive medium. The separator's auger and screen are made of stainless steel and are therefore ideally prepared for the peat. For even more comfort, the in-house technicians of Moor Bath Schwanberg have installed a washing system in the separator. The screen is automatically washed every day. The separator has been running like clockwork for more than ten years now!