Irrigation management from your smartphone

On a course for agriculture 4.0 with “SmartRain”

New service for managing, monitoring and optimizing irrigation systems: Bauer presents the specially developed, GPS-assisted application “SmartRain” for smartphones and tablets, placing the company firmly on a course for agriculture 4.0. Whether in the field, at work or at home, the user remains informed of the current status of his systems via live updates and can easily intervene in the running processes at any time or make any necessary optimizations. The app is available for free on all typical smartphones and tablets.

The Bauer Group, a specialist in irrigation and waste water technology, is taking the leap onto mobile devices with its new “SmartRain” app to offer its customers a modern solution for monitoring and optimizing irrigation systems. With information about the irrigation progress, moving times and the current status of the system, the user always maintains an overview of the situation. Annoying delays due to problems are now a thing of the past thanks to reliable and fast notifications. The information is sent from the irrigation system by SMS or email directly to a stored telephone number.

Bauer Beregnung_SmartRain_Pivot_Rainstar

In addition to the machine itself, however, the ground is also monitored. The user has the ability to enter current data into the system, such as the level of moisture in the ground, its composition and type, in order to draw conclusions for irrigation management. This portal, which can be opened in a web browser, offers the user comprehensive operating records in addition to data about the individual fields and crops. Satellite maps displaying the current status of all irrigation systems are also among the numerous features of the smart software solution.

With Pivot systems, it is even possible to actively access and control the machine: START, STOP, changing the precipitation rates in different sectors or moving into park positions as well as a number of other settings that should be configured daily can also take place via a mobile device or web access.

Various machines and authorizations can be assigned to individual users by means of a team management system. Every user therefore receives only the information for the machines assigned to him and can also remotely control these machines.

In addition to the smartphone app and web access, irrigating with “SmartRain” also requires a solar-powered GPS unit on the Rainstar cart or in case of a pivot a PRO-G control box directly on the central tower. The RAINSTAR series, PIVOT systems and pumps are currently supported.

In combination with the ECOSTAR 6000, active control of Rainstar systems is also possible. Specific operating states can therefore be activated via the app as well as starting, stopping and changing the retraction speed (or precipitation rate). A settings menu allows even more functions used on a daily basis to be easily modified in the app or from a PC with web browser. The app is available as a free download for Apple iPhone and iPad as well as all typical Android smartphones and tablets in the App Store or Google Play Store.