High-tech control unit including touch operation

„SmartTouch“: Agriculture 4.0 on a new level

With the new control system, Smart Touch, for irrigation machines the Bauer Group impressively demonstrates that agriculture 4.0 in Voitsberg is not just a concept but already being lived: this state-of –the- art control panel makes the Centerstar Pivot easy to operate and ensures even and efficient irrigation of large areas from one point. A further important advantage is the the compatibility with VRI and SmartRain.

„With SmartTouch, the new control panel for the Centerstar Pivot, we take irrigation control to to the most modern level and thus demonstrate our commitment to be a pioneer in the field of agriculture 4.0. Our customers can initiate all processes easily and simply via the touch screen and can configure all machines from one location which not only saves time but also money“, explains Franz Peter Roll, Bauer Sales and Marketing Director. The control system scores with an easy control: an intuitive menu guide guarantees fast and simple programming of the machine. The largely dimensioned display shows the respective position as well as the current operating status of the Pivot. Hence status and error messages are always evident ensuring an optimal and reliable irrigation. Functions such as start/stop, forward/return and the change of sectors or precipitation rates can be controlled promptly and be changed any time. The touch screen is available in two sizes: the standard 4.3 inch or the optional 10 inch. The compatibility of SmartTouch with VRI and Smart Rain is another feature providing Bauer customers with decisive advantages for the irrigation of large agricultural lands.

Bauer Beregnung Schaltschrank SmartTouch

VRI and SmartRain – the dream team for optimal irrigation & water management

SmartTouch is compatible with both well-proven irrigation systems. The VRI system (Variable Rate Irrigation) allows controlling every sprinkler or sprinkler group separately. The individual configuration of precipitation rates for different sectors of a field is hence possible and an easy task. The VRI has been developed especially for the irrigation of waste water for an optimized nutrient supply to the plants. However, it is also best appropriate for the precise and therefore water-saving irrigation with clean water, as it can be adjusted to the individual soil quality like for example the water absorption capacity.

With the GSM-supported SmartRain application, the user is always kept informed about the current status of the machines, thanks to regular live updates. He can intervene easily in the on-going processes from everywhere or can optimize them if necessary. As a result, further advantages, such as increased efficiency, resource-saving handling of water and energy as well as high cost-effectiveness, are guaranteed.

“Our increased offer of products for irrigation technology provides to our customers all the tools necessary for an efficient, cost-saving and absolutely targeted irrigation – irrespective of the size of land and wherever you are,” says Franz Peter Roll, who is proud of this latest enhancement to the Bauer product range.