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Samara on the Volga

Smart irri­ga­tion with Bauer Linestar

Severe periods of drought reg­u­lar­ly endan­ger the harvest in the Samara region, forcing farmers to take special mea­sures. By expand­ing its irri­gat­ed area and pur­chas­ing 14 Bauer Lines­tars, the company Sev-07 is adapt­ing successfully.

Founded in 2007, the agri­cul­tur­al oper­a­tion SEV-07 extends over 80 km along the Volga river. The company got its start with pulses and grains on just over 900 hectares of land at the time of its found­ing. Despite the favor­able loca­tion near a river, the harvest yields were reg­u­lar­ly impact­ed by severe droughts during the sowing season. This prompt­ed Alexan­der Shpagin, direc­tor of Sev-07, to invest in pro­fes­sion­al irri­ga­tion of his land. After all, the expen­di­ture of seed, fer­til­iz­er and energy only makes sense if the plants receive the right amount of water at the right time.

The ideal solution

Lines­tar with 1,100m length

The pur­chase of 14 Bauer Lines­tars 9000 turned out to be the ideal solu­tion. The scale of the project is impres­sive: the Bauer machines are irri­gat­ing a total area of 2500 ha. Each Lines­tar is equipped with a boom on both sides, bring­ing the total length of a machine to as much as 1,100 m.

While other systems operate with very high energy con­sump­tion, the Lines­tar 9000 draws water direct­ly from the new, open canals, which are sit­u­at­ed at a level lower than the main canal, relying on gravity to keep them fed with water.


Irri­ga­tion app SmartRain

For a perfect irri­ga­tion management

All of the Lines­tars are also equipped with the GPS-enabled irri­ga­tion app Smar­tRain, which allows for con­stant mon­i­tor­ing and con­ve­nient remote control of the 14 machines. Any dis­rup­tions are imme­di­ate­ly indi­cat­ed by SMS or in the app. Reports on water con­sump­tion and hours of oper­a­tion can be gen­er­at­ed at the press of a button. Thanks to the high-quality and reli­able Bauer irri­ga­tion solu­tion, the farming oper­a­tion has also been able to expand its crops to include winter wheat, barley, sun­flow­ers, corn and the primary crop of soy beans.

Alexan­der Shpagin con­sid­ers the “human factor” to be just as impor­tant as cutting-edge tech­nol­o­gy. Only the perfect inter­play between human and machine can ensure the success of a company. More than 200 employ­ees work at Sev-07 – Shpagin: “Each of them is a spe­cial­ist in his area.”


“The Lines­tar 9000 pro­vides effi­cient irri­ga­tion and con­serves water. Exactly the right dose of water is sup­plied at the right time during the right growth phase of the plant.”

Direc­tor Alexan­der Shpagin, Sev-07